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Moshiach is Revealed then Hidden

Rabbeinu Bachya, Shemos 4:9

In our future redemption, with the revelation of the final redeemer...the redeemer will be revealed, and he will again be concealed...

So we find with the redemption from Egypt: that Moshe was revealed, and he was again concealed.

And so says the Midrash: 'my beloved is like a deer', just as a deer is seen and then is concealed (hides), so too the future redeemer [Moshiach], will be revealed, and concealed...

"Moshiach Will be Revealed in America."

"Moshiach will be revealed in America."

Divrei Chaim (R' Chaim Halberstam, the Sanzer Rebbe 1793-1876), Artzos Hachayim letter 6

No War of Gog and Magog

Shem MiShmuel, Parshas Vayigash 5677, p. 298

Now that the exile was so long, we have been absolved of the war of Gog and Magog.

After the ingathering of the exiles, Yisrael will sit in peace on their land, forever.

Why the World is Changing

Sicha of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Toldos 5750 (1990)

The effects of our service in refining the world, and preparing it for the Messianic redemption, is openly visible throughout the world.

There are those who protest against the suggestion, that we are nearing the close of the exile, and approaching the coming of Moshiach. They maintain, that the world is proceeding according to the natural order, without disruption.

Such a perspective represents a lack of sensitivity and awareness, to the upheaval that is taking place throughout the world.
Political regimes are falling, and power is changing hands in a drastic, almost inconceivable manner.

Furthermore, this is being done without war or bloodshed, without even disturbing the commercial activities of the world.
First and foremost, we see a change in Russia, the country in which the Previous Rebbe and his students had their roots.

After more than seventy years of rule by a powerful regime which cast fear into the heart of every citizen of the country, there has been radical change.

In a very short time, sweeping reforms have been put into effect by the leaders of the country and they have spread to the other countries who follow their ideological thrust.

Similarly other countries -- including China, India, and Japan, countries whose combined populations number in the billions -- are in the midst of radical political change.

The most miraculous aspect of this process of transition, is that it is being carried out peacefully, without bloodshed, something that has never before happened in the history of man.

In previous generations, whenever there was a revolution, destruction and bloodshed came in its wake. Indeed, we do not have to look past the second world war, to see the devastation that can accompany political change.

In contrast, today the change is coming in a more complete fashion and yet, in a peaceful manner.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What is an Angel?

An angel is a spiritual being, and does not have any physical characteristics. The angelic descriptions provided by the prophets – such as wings, arms etc. – are anthropomorphic, referring to their spiritual abilities and tasks.

The Hebrew word for angel is "Malach," which means messenger; for the angels are G‑d's messengers to perform various missions.
Some angels are created for one specific task, and upon the task's completion, cease to exist.

According to the Zohar, one of the angels' tasks, is to transport our words of prayer and Torah-study, before G‑d's throne.

Another type of angels are those, that are created through the deeds of man.

In our daily prayers, we refer to the "songs of praise", which the angels sing before G‑d.

The angels have shifts, singing at designated times of day or night. The type of praise they sing, reflects the particular angel's spiritual status.

The angels' singing is alluded to in the story of Jacob's fight with the angel, at the end of which the angel pleaded with Jacob to free him "for the dawn has risen."
According to the Midrash, the angel's rush was because, his shift to sing before G‑d, had arrived.
Seeing an angel, requires extra-sensory perception, as the bodies of the angels are not comprised, of all the basic elements of a physical being.

Angels vs. Humans

Notwithstanding the great spiritual level of the angels, the holiness of the Jewish soul, supersedes that of the angel.

Only the Jewish soul has the ability, to descend to this physical and corporeal world, and refine and elevate it.

For the human's divine soul, is a "veritable piece of G‑d Above," a "piece" of the Creator; as opposed to the angels, which are only creations—albeit very holy ones.

This reflects itself in that fact that, angels are one-dimensional: each angels has one specific form of Divine service. The human soul, on the other hand, serves G‑d in many different ways, expressing itself through love, awe, etc.

In the Tanya, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi writes,
that he heard from his masters, that "if one angel were to stand in the presence of a gathering of ten Jews, even if there were no words of Torah [being discussed] between them; such a boundless and infinite terror and dread would then befall him, (on account of the Divine Presence that abides over them), that he would become utterly nullified!"

Furthermore, angels have no free-choice, and are pre-programmed to serve G‑d; whereas the human is entrusted with the mission of serving G‑d—but is given the freedom to choose, to do otherwise.