Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Rebbe: Moshiach is Ready to be Revealed

A talk from Kislev (December) 1992:

The unique relevance in the present time, is that the Jewish people have completed the mission with which G-d has charged us.

Everything necessary to bring about the Redemption, has already been accomplished.
Our readiness for the Redemption is also reflected, in the world at large. The values of freedom, tolerance, and generosity ,have spread throughout the community of nations.

Regimes that have opposed them, have toppled, giving way for greater communication and sharing.
In previous generations, Moshiach's coming was prevented by the fact, that the Jews had not completed the tasks expected of them. At present, however, those tasks have been accomplished; there is nothing lacking. All we have to do is accept Moshiach.

This is the challenge facing our generation: To make the world conscious of Moshiach; and to create an environment, that will allow his mission to be fulfilled.

Every element of our study of the Torah and our observance of its Mitzvos, should be permeated by this objective, and directed towards it.
We can gain awareness of Moshiach, through the study of pnimiyus HaTorah, the Torah's mystical dimensions; and in particular, through the study of the subjects of redemption and Moshiach.

This process will open the eyes of our mind, so that as we live our lives day by day, and we will remain constantly attuned, to the Redemption.

Furthermore, the increase in our awareness of the nature of the Redemption, will itself serve as a catalyst, which will hasten the coming of the day of the Redemption.

May this be realized, in the immediate future.