Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Wish for G-d

The story is about an elderly European woman, who had come to America after the war while in her teens. After many years of saving her money, she finally has enough to fulfill her lifelong dream ‑‑ to go to the Holy Land.

The day finally comes when she boards the plane for Israel. All through the flight she becomes more and more excited. Then as the plane begins to land, her heart pounds with emotion, as she impatiently waits.

At last, the doors of the plane open. Finally‑ the long awaited moment has arrived.

As soon as she is out the door she runs down the ramp. Falling to her knees at the bottom she begins to cry, while hugging and kissing the ground.

After a few minutes she looks up to the sky and says:
"Aibishter (G‑d), what can I give You, what can I wish for You? Diamonds? You have all the diamonds in the entire world. Gold? The same is true. Strength? Health? You are the source of all strength and health.

What then can I do for You?

"Aibishter, there is one thing I can wish for You. Something greater than anything else."

Weeping uncontrolla­bly, she finally says, "Aibishter, I wish that You have nachas from all Your children."

May it be so.