Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Rebbe: There Will Be No Mass Punishment.

This is a translation of a talk of the Rebbe from 1991:

It is an essential point, to censure the talk of fearful repercussions, and potential tragedies.

Especially of things, that are so preposterous, that we are not allowed to speak of them, because of a clear command in the Torah, “Do no open the mouth (for the Soton)”.

This (talk of negativity), is opposite truth (the truth of Torah), opposite the honor of Hashem, and opposite the honor of the Jewish people.

Opposite the truth:

There is a clear Psak Din in Rambam, that the scale of merit and sin, is not relative to quantity, but rather to quality.

Therefore, there can be one merit, which is equal to many transgressions. And the True measure is only known to G-d, who knows exactly how to correlate, merits vs. transgression.

When the Jews of our generation, “children who have been captured” who don't know about their heritage, fulfill even one Mitzvah, it is especially treasured, in an even greater measure, by G-d!
Opposite the honor of G-d:

The description of G-d, as one who sits and counts the measure of sin, and waits until the level has been filled in order to bring punishment; is the opposite of the honor of G-d. It is a depiction of a cruel king, that waits and wants to oppress…

This comes at a time, when the truth is completely the opposite, for Hashem is “our merciful father”.
Opposite the honor of the Jewish people:

Since the Jewish people are, the Children of G-d, as it says “you are children, to Hashem your G-d.”

And even more “ My first born son are Israel.”
And Hashem loves them, as it says, “ I love them, says Hashem”, “because Israel was a lad, and was loved”.

And as the Bal Shem Tov taught, that the love of Hashem to every single Jew, is greater, than the love of elderly parents, to whom an only child was born to them, in the later years of their lives.

Hashem does not tolerate anything that is said, that is opposite the praise of his children.
And even more, this talk of the opposite of the praise of his children, is an affront to G-d Himself, so to speak; as it says clearly “whoever touches them, has touched the apple of his eye”.

To the extent that, prophets have been punished, when they spoke disparagingly about the Jewish people.

Even yeshiyahu the prophet, one of the greatest of the prophets , when he said “I am in the midst of a people of unclean lips”….., was punished.

And if for such a thing, the pillers of the world (the prophets) were punished…when they spoke a relatively minor thing against Israel;
even more so, if a small individual, from the small individuals of the world, raises his tongue on the congregation of Israel…to call them sinners and wicked.
If for the negative, “even talk of imaginary things, can provoke the attribute of justice, until the soton prosecutes;

then for talk of good things, and finding merits for the Jewish people, for sure and without doubt, this will have an even greater effect, and Hashem will accept this finding of merit.