Monday, May 11, 2009

The Uniqueness of our Generation

The Zohar explains, that in previous generations, in order to have eternal life, the people of the generation would all have to die for a moment, and then come back to life with a new eternal body.

Because, a body that was formed from another limited physical body, cannot live forever.

Chassidus explains, that when something has to change dramatically the order is: Yesh, Ayin, Yesh; Something (the object), Nothing (it temporarily disappears), Something new (is created).

But, because in our generation, the physical body has already been refined in an eternal way, there is now no need for this break in the middle, rather we can go directly into Chaim Netzchis (Eternal Life).

(For those people that will be living, at the time of Moshiachs' revelation.)