Friday, May 1, 2009

Don't be Afraid

The Rebbe quoted the Midrash Yalkut Shmoni many times; but even though the Yalkut says that there is a great war in the world, and that the whole world is afraid.

When Moshiach appears he does not stop the war; rather the only thing that he does, is say to the Jews: “Humble ones, don’t be afraid, the time of your redemption has arrived.”

We can also ask, why does it say “humble ones”, it should say: Jews, the time of your redemption has arrived. The answer is, that only people who are humble will listen to Moshiach; and also be a Keli, a vessel, for his great light.
The Rebbe also explains in Seichah, that there will come a time, when the world will be in a great turmoil; and there will be lot of commotion in the world.

But the Rebbe quotes Tehillim, (Perek 2, Pasuk 1), to paraphrase: Why do the nations make plans to rule the world, their plans will come to nothing. Then Pasuk 4, says, Hashem sits in the heavens, and laughs at their plans and mocks them.
The Seichah goes on to say, that even though it looks like it is going to be bad for the Jews and Israel, because the nations want to conquer the world, and in particular Jerusalem, nevertheless, all their plans will fail.

Therefore, Jews should not be occupied with world events, because Hashem will take care of it, it is already predestined what will happen. Jews should rather be concerned with the things that they can control, being the education of their children.
From this we see, that the Rebbe’s message is, not to be afraid, to trust in Hashem and realize, that everything that is happening in the world, is all a process that leads to the revelation of Moshiach.

And by the Jews passing this test, they help to bring Moshiach.

Don’t worry, be happy!