Monday, April 27, 2009

A New World

We stand on the verge of a happiness we can’t imagine. A happiness that will encompass the entire creation. Men, women, children, everyone and everything together. Everyone will be working together, and moving in the same direction, closer to Hashem.

No one will be thinking of their own needs, desires, or wants, for everyone will be completely fulfilled. The excitement will be, in becoming more and more infinite.

Moshiach is all this, and much, much, more!
A total break with the past, almost as though it never existed. A world that continually gets better, and people who continually become closer.

Singing will be real singing, dancing will be real dancing, and joy will be real joy that won’t go away. All the tumult (noise) for almost six thousand years, will suddenly be transformed into a quite bliss.

In hindsight, no one will understand what all the previous commotion was about; the competition, the strife, the conflict. What did it matter? It will look totally senseless, and self-destructive.
Stop, step back and think. Maybe we can start now, why should we wait? We now have the ability to do what no other generation could do.

Let’s bring Moshiach immediately, by living now in a Moshiach way; and letting others know, that they are getting the greatest gift that they could ever imagine.

Let’s stop thinking about me, and start thinking about us; stop thinking about how much I have, and instead think about how much he has; stop thinking about “am I happy”, and instead think “are they happy”; stop thinking about doing what I want, and instead think about what Hashem wants.

Let’s try to do it together. We are all eventually going to be united anyway. We have been acting like Americans, like Frenchmen, like Russians, etc., now let’s start acting like one world.

Moshiach has been brought down from the seven heavens. The upper worlds already have Moshiach, our souls already have Moshiach, and Moshiach is here in a hidden manner; now we have to have Moshiach openly!

The time has come, it has been too long, and why should it take any longer?

We have to want him, ask for him, and demand him! So let’s do it- Moshiach Now!