Monday, April 27, 2009

Science and Religion

The essential notion, revolutionizing the academic world and society in general, is that, the basic principles of religion, and the basic findings of natural science, not only do not conflict, but actually harmonize exquisitely.

The Rebbe addresses this directly, in his letter on the proof for the existence of the Creator, published in his Hebrew book, Faith and Science (page 7):

"Of course I am not unaware, that all this is governed according to the "laws of nature" -- but I think it is important to emphasize, that such expressions provide no explanation; but rather give a convenient summary or description, of the existing situation.

That is, that natural phenomena, are conducted according to specific patterns.

But to say that a "law of nature" is an independent being, in and of itself, and that this being rules over all of creation; and that there are thousands of such beings, according to the number of natural laws; is absolutely absurd.

Moreover, there is not one scientist in the field, who would say so.

Rather, such laws are merely convenient, summary of expressions for describing a situation, so that one should not be forced to duplicate at every turn, a lengthy description of the "simple" facts.

Nonetheless, it is clear and obvious, that such an expression, provides no explanation whatsoever."