Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ahavas Yisroel Will Help Bring the Geula

Peace in Unity
Based on an article by Zvi Friedman

When you want to find your soul, you first have to find the soul in another person.

Ones own people are so important: If you want to find peace with any other person in the world, you've got to start with your own brothers and sisters. Until then, you haven't yet found peace within your own self.

And only when you've found peace within yourself, can you help us find peace for the entire world.

Their destiny, is our destiny. They are fulfilled, in us, in all of us together. For we, are all one.

When one Jew does an act of kindness, all our hands extend with his or hers. If one Jew should fall, all of us stumble. If one suffers, we all feel pain. When one rejoices, we are all uplifted.

In our oneness, we will find our destiny; and our destiny is to be one. For we are a single body, breathing together, pulsating together, one soul.

We are truly one, let it be with love.