Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Goral HaGra," - Precedes Igress Kodesh

As the Holocaust ended, the great sage Rabbi Aharon Kotler was poised to leave the refugee haven of Shanghai. He had to decide whether to go to the Land of Israel to begin rebuilding Torah Jewry there; or to go to America.

America where the sage Rabbi Moshe Feinstein was already laying the groundwork, in what has long been known in Jewish circles as, the "America the Midbar," the spiritual desert.

To help make this historic decision, Rabbi Kotler used the famous "Goral HaGra," the lottery used by the sagely Vilna Gaon.

Rabbi Kotler "randomly" opened up the Five Books of Moses, and let Divine Providence communicate an answer, through whichever relevant verse he "happened" to turn.

The random verse was:
G-d told Aharon, "Go meet Moshe, in the midbar (desert)." (Exodus 4:27)

This verse, of course, refers to the original Moshe and Aharon his brother. However, Rabbi Kotler understood it, as clear providential directive for the 20th century:

G-d told Aharon [Kotler], "Go meet Moshe [Feinstein,] in the midbar [of America].