Monday, April 27, 2009

The Truth About Nature

To put the world situation (monetary, weather, etc) in perspective, we need to understand a few basic concepts:

Nature is by and large defined as: an occurrence, that occurs on a constant basis, under specific circumstances, and/or time.

A miracle is defined as: a one time, change in nature.
Nature is a creation of G-d, that provides free-choice to man.
A miracle, temporally reveals G-d’s providence of the world.

G-d created the world, as a place conducive for man to live. Which is not true, of the rest of the universe.
Therefore, G-d put limits on nature in certain places, for man to live in: Heat, cold, rain, etc.

But now, as in Egypt, G-d is expanding or breaking the boundaries of nature, in order to stretch the world, to be able to receive His revelation. Also, in order to allow mankind, to realize though their free-choice, that there is no such thing as nature.

Amalek (doubt & coldness to holiness) causes people to doubt the reality of G-d, and G-d’s hand in the affairs of man; and specifically, the mission of the Jewish people.

Amalek hopes to sever any perceived connection, between the will of Heaven above, and the events of earth below.

Misperceived randomness, destroys the lessons and meaning of history; and denies a person the ability to learn from his mistakes, and turn his heart back to G-d.