Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why Birth Pangs Precede the Geula

"To Understand the Root of the "Birth-pangs of Moshiach."
By the Mitteler Rebbe; (2nd Rebbe of Lubavitch)

Explaining the reasons, for the period of "birth-pangs", which preceed the coming of Moshiach.

(free translation, excerpts)
Exile is pregnancy, Redemption is birth Galus.

Just as at the end of nine months, a pregnant woman will begin to cry out in pain; similarly the time at the end of the period of Galus, (right before the Geulah, when the moment of salvation is near), is referred to as "birth-pangs".

This is the idea of "birth-pangs of Moshiach", which occur to Israel "from the straits (pressure)" which are called "eis tzora", "time of trouble"; and precisely from these troubles we will be saved.
We find, that after the completion of the time of pregnancy, the matter of the birth-pangs is specifically, to bring about the birth.

Pregnancy is the opposite of birth, because pregnancy is the confinement and concealment of the baby.

Whereas labor's whole purpose, is to push the baby out. Culminating, in the revelation of the baby- birth.

Birth-pangs are required to bring about the Geulah, because they are the main things which cause the birth.