Monday, May 11, 2009

An Infinite Light, is Coming into a Finite World

The delay in the Geula is partly due to the fact, that this world has to become prepared to absorb such a high revelation, and not be destroyed in the process.

As time goes on, just as in a pregnancy, the baby cannot be born until the body is ready; so too Moshiach, he cannot be revealed, until the physical world stretches enough to be able to receive his revelation.

An infinite light, is trying to come, into a limited world.
We see the results of this now, in how nature is continually stretching: Extreme heat, earthquakes, volcanoes, flooding, etc.

Also, how nations are drastically changing, including Russia, China, India, etc.
The refinement of the world has been a continual process, since Adam and Chava mixed together good and evil, when they ate from the "Tree of Knowledge").

Every time a person chose to do good and do a Mitzvah, learn Torah, and had Mesiras Nefesh (self-sacrifice), etc., it refined the world (separated good from bad).
After thousands of years of this process, the world now in much more refined (in line with Torah and Hashem) than ever before.

An example being, that in past history the Roman Empire lasted one thousand years, but now in our times, the Russian empire only lasted only seventy years; due to the more refined world we live in.

By us now increasing in Torah, Mitvahs, and especially through learning Chassidus, and demanding of Hashem that He bring the Geula, we speed up the process of birth, so that the world will have stretched enough to accept this awesome revelation.