Monday, April 27, 2009

The Zohar and Israel

What's happening in Israel today is described in a classical mystical text, the Zohar, dating back almost 2000 years.

It says that: in the end of days, immediately prior to the Redemption, the descendents of Ishmael (the Arabs) will unite with the rest of the world, against Israel.

This statement appears in the Zohar's discussion, of Psalm Two, which begins:

"Why do nations gather in rage, and peoples scheme in vain!
Why do the kings of the earth rise up, rulers assemble against the Lord and His anointed, ...
He who sits in heaven laughs..."

The Zohar: Psalm Two refers to the time of the final Redemption. G-d will sit in heaven, and laugh at the wicked schemes of the nations.

Echoing the Zohar, the mystic concludes, that the Redemption will come from within this crisis. It is from this low situation, that Israel will be saved.

It is because of Moshiach’s efforts to purify the world, that causes the nations to rage.


The Rebbe stressed again and again, that these unfavorable events, in no way represent a halt or slowing down, of the Messianic process; but just the opposite,--they are part and parcel of it.

The world's attempts to undermine the claim of the Jewish people to their land, only hastens the circumstances, from which they will be redeemed.