Monday, May 11, 2009

Why this Generation Can Bring Moshiach

Why is it, that specifically our generation is the one that will bring Moshiach?

Previous generations included the Tanoim, Neviim, great Tzadikim, great leaders, higher Neshamahs, etc.

Whereas our generation has no leadership, and lower Neshamahs; where do we get the power to bring Moshiach?
Answer: As one level of Kelipah (shell that hides Hashem) is refined, then another lower level must be refined. Therefore, each generation goes lower, in order to elevate lower and lower Kelipahs, that are buried deep in the creation.

Jews are like miners, that have to dig through tons and tons of dirt, in order to find the diamonds (holiness) that are hidden there.

Each generation gets darker (has less of an awareness of Hashem), because each generation has to go lower and lower into physicality, and farther away from spirituality, in order to elevate the lowest aspects of the physical world.

Our generation has merited, to reach the lowest sparks, that are hidden the deepest in the creation. Through elevating these last sparks, we are able to bring Moshiach!

And only our generation has the power to do this, because our generation has been given Chassidus, which is the key to the Geula.