Monday, April 27, 2009

The Geula is Hastened, Through the Study of Chassidus

The Vilna Gaon

He that is able to understand secrets of the Torah, and does not try to understand them, will be judged harshly, may G-d have mercy. (Even Shlema 8:24 )

The Redemption will only come about, through learning Torah; and the essence of the Redemption depends upon learning Kabbala. (Even Shlema 11:3)

All those who don't understand the secret meaning [behind something], do not grasp even the simple meaning.
(Commentary on Proverbs 5:18)

The Evil Urge is unable to overcome all who occupy themselves, in the hinting and secret [levels of Torah]. (Ibid)
Rabbi Yaakov Abuchatzeira

There is no joy, like that of rejoicing in the knowledge of the Torah's secret wisdom. For this is the main reason, that the soul comes into This World. (Shaarei Arucha, 47)

As long as a man does not know the Torah's secret wisdom, he walks in darkness, like a blind man in a chimney. When one knows this wisdom, he emerges from darkness into light. (Maaglei Tzedek, 121)

A man's knowledge is not settled nor widened, except through knowing the secrets of the Torah. (Ibid. )
Rabbi Yehuda Leib Ashlag

The redemption of Israel, and all the worth of Israel, is dependent on the learning of the Zohar, and the innermost aspect of the Torah.

The opposite is true also. All the afflictions and degradations that have come upon the Children of Israel, are on account of their neglecting the most intimate part of Torah.

And not having valued it, but having related to it as something superfluous, G-d forbid.

(Introduction to the Zohar, paragraphs 65-70 )
Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook

Due to alienation from the "secret of G-d" [i.e. Kabbala], the higher qualities of the depths of G-dly life, are reduced to trivia, that do not penetrate the depth of the soul.

When this happens, the most mighty force is missing from the soul of nation, and individual, and Exile finds favor essentially...

The Zohar, breaks new ways, making a way in the desert, a road in the wilderness; so that it and all its crop, are ready to open the doors of Redemption.

(Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook, Orot 57)
Both tzedakah and the study of P'nimiyus HaTorah, will hasten the coming of the Era of the Redemption. This is the responsibility of every Jew.

It is not enough to wait anxiously, knowing that surely Moshiach will come; each person must do his part, to hasten his coming."

(Lubavitcher Rebbe, sicha of 27th Marcheshvan, 5752)
"The Tree of Life" - Etz HaChaim -

Since the spiritual level of the souls have descended, and they have become more materially oriented, and there are a multitude of veils and concealment; [were it not for the revelation of P’nimiyus HaTorah], even those who cling to the Torah, would not know G-d, and would not [experience] genuine love and fear [of Him].

For love and fear, are dependent on the knowledge and comprehension, of G-dliness. How is it possible to love something, when you do not know what it is?

A person who does not study P’nimiyus HaTorah, is liable for his soul; for even if he occupies himself with Torah study, he will fall from his spiritual level, as explained above.

Not only will he not carry out the task of refinement, on the contrary, he will....

Behold, based on all the concepts explained above, you should know and understand, the urgency and the necessity for the study of P’nimiyus HaTorah, and how it is the essence of our lives.
In the Holy Zohar it states: “With this work of yours, which is the Book of the Zohar, no trial is needed.”

The Neshamot of our generation, could not understand the teachings of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in the Holy Zohar (2nd century);
except that, the Holy Arizal came (1534-1572) and explained them; and then Rabbi Chayim Vital came; and then the Holy Baal Shem Tov came ((1698-1760); and the Holy Baal Hatanya came (The Alter Rebbe 1745-1812).

Until the Holy Zohar, the soul of Torah, could reach us, the last and the smallest generation, The generation of Mashiach.

Now, there is nothing standing in the way, except maybe ones self.