Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why the Rebbe

Some ask, why can't we just pray for Moshiach’s coming in general, and not say that it is a specific person, meaning the Rebbe?

If one wants to mail a letter to 756 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn NY, he can't send it only addressed to the “United States of America”. He has to be specific, including the right zip code, followed by the four additional digits!

Similarly, when we pray to G-d to bring Moshiach, we need to send our prayers to the correct address; we want specifically this person, who has the qualifications to be Moshiach.

Because in Judaism, a Jewish king cannot crown himself, he has to be crowned by the people. They, in a sense, have to vote for him. This in turn allows him to begin his job as Moshiach in full force.

When we say, that we want the Rebbe to be Moshiach, this then gives him the power to redeem us, and then G-d allows Moshiach to do his job.