Monday, April 27, 2009

The Prophetic Words of the Previous Rebbe 1944 - Flooding

Excerpts From The Prophectic Words of the Previous Rebbe (Rayatz).

From the newsletter, “HaKria V’HaKedusha”,
(Tammuz, 5704, 1944).
Psalm 93: “The rivers will raise their [level of] turbulence. By raging, the rivers will let their voice be heard, thereby exalting G-d.”

This can only mean one thing: prior to the Redemption, G-d will become exalted by making the rivers rage.

Since this turbulence will cause mankind to raise its voice, and proclaim G-d’s greatness, it will be as though, the rivers themselves have raised their voice.

We must understand from this, that the raging rivers will affect a great change in the world. They will flood an entire country, or the greater part of a country. And this will cause a great transformation in Mankind’s outlook, for they will recognize it, as Divine punishment.

Indeed, the whole political scene will change, through an entire series of events, that results from the flooding of that country.
Prior to the Redemption, there will take place a great raging of water, which will so jolt the [people of the] world, that they will suddenly turn to G-d, blessed be He, and exalt Him.
It will thus be as though, the waters have raised their voices through their raging.

[In other words], as a result of the raging waters, through the sea, there will be no more mighty ones, no more superpowers, on earth; and all of mankind will unanimously recognize, that G-d alone, is mighty in the High Heavens.

The main thing that will bring the Redemption, will be a great raging of water, that will demonstrate the might of G-d, and change mankind’s attitude.
We need only wait for the great raging of water, that will force all the nations to admit, that “G-d is King” – i.e., that it is not a natural
catastrophe, but an act of G-d!

The world will remain intact; it will not be destroyed, but it wil drastically change.