Friday, May 1, 2009

Thank G-d!

(Based on Sefer HaSeichas, Nun-Beis, Vol. 1, page 264, footnote 66, *)

The difference between Galus and Yomos HaMoshiach, can be compared to pregnancy. When a woman begins her pregnancy there is little noticeable change in her appearance. The only change that is visible is, that she gets larger.

But at the end of the pregnancy, this period of time takes on a different name- Labor.

Why does it change names, because what is happening in labor is totally different than what happens in pregnancy. Labor is much more tumultuous and the changes are drastic and rapid.
Labor is the process, where everything that happens is only in order to facilitate the birth. Whereas before there was only the growth of the baby, now is the birth of the baby.

This is a very turbulent period, because the body initially is too small to allow the baby to exit. Therefore a major serious of events must occur before the baby has room to come out.
Only after a series of contractions and downward movements does the baby start to move. Even then, only when the body reaches the point where the baby has room to come out, will the baby be born.

This also applies to the Geulah. The period of time of Galus is compared to pregnancy, whereas Yomos HaMoshiach is compared to labor. The baby has already grown enough, now it is ready to be born.

During Yomos HaMoshiach everything that happens, is in order to facilitate the birth of Moshiach. It can be easy and quick, or drawn out, it all depend on us.
When we see the machinations of the nations of the world, we have to realize, that they are contractions, that eventually will push the baby out.

As the Rebbe says in a Seichah: (Sefer HaSeichas, Nun-Beis, Parsha Chaya Sara, page 110, and other places):
“The time of your redemption has arrived”.

As we see that, “Nations are fighting with one another”, which is a sign of Moshiach’s coming, (the Midrash Lekach Tov, Leclacha, 14, 1. And Breshis Rabba 42, 4), especially in the Arab lands.”

Russia fell apart, not because communism doesn’t work, but rather, because a atheist government cannot last; and as we get closer to the birth of Moshiach, nations that are not connected to the source of life, to Hashem, lose their power, and wither.

In previous generations, when the world was coarser, evil empires ruled the world for long periods of time. There was a war between England and France, that lasted for over one-hundred years!

The Roman Empire lasted one thousand years. But in our times, since the world is more refined, a country like Russia, that was a super-power, only lasted seventy years.

So too, one must perceive weather changes as part of the process leading to the birth of Moshiach.
Tornadoes, volcanoes, hurricanes, Tsunamis, all in order to facilitate the world to stretch enough to allow Moshiach to be born.

The Rebbe says in a Seicha, (Sefer HaSeichas Nun-Beis, page 185), “Through the recognition, and giving thanks and praise to Hashem, for the miracles that He does, (in addition to the fact that one should always recognize the good that is done for him), this is also relevant to the coming of Moshiach Tzedkanu in the true and complete Geula.

From this it is understood, that the publicizing of miracles that Hashem does in our times, is relevant to bringing the true and complete Geula in actuality”

The Rebbe said, that if we perceive all the miracles that are taking place now, then Hashem will make more occur. Because when we see Hashem’s hand in the world, we bring heaven down to earth, and materialize Hashem into the world.

Every time we see Hashem in the world, we bring Him closer to staying in the world, which is the Geulah.