Thursday, May 7, 2009

A History of Ideas, based on the Jewish Moshiach

The concept of a world, that will be redeemed in the "End of Days," was carried over from Judaism by two of the world's largest religions; and has become one of the foundation stone, of modern thinking.
It is so powerful, that it has been integrated into non-theological "religions": The ideology of Communism assured its followers, that the Revolution (like the Messiah) might tarry, but it (like him) would surely come.
Theory of evolution
We can also see this way of thinking, in the theory of evolution, which has - through a subtle shift in meaning - turned from a theory that explains how organisms adapt to their environments, to a description of how creation improves with each generation.

According to this view, if we let nature run its course and don't interfere, society will evolve toward perfection.

Advances made in science and technology, are held up as alleged proofs, that the world is improving; based on the false assumption, that whatever is more sophisticated (and more artificial), is better.
In Greek mythology, a Golden Age of peace and happiness, was thought to become gradually more corrupt; eventually degenerating into an Iron Age, of greed and cruelty.

The Nordic myths were even gloomier, and included depressing descriptions, of each stage of the collapse, of nature and the universe.
Some scientists today have a similar view, as they predict the inevitable (but not immediate) end of the world, due to global warming, species extinction, bacterial immunity, etc.

Today, it is a very common idea, that the world is progressing; and that everything is becoming better, more highly developed, and more perfect; - and will, therefore, ultimately merit redemption.
Although these views, as appealing as they may be, nevertheless are naïve and unrealistic; whereas the Jewish view of world history is optimistic, and based on Torah, and have substance and meaning.