Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Igress Kodesh Miracle- (letters of the Lubavitcher Rebbe)

I heard this story myself.

On July 7, 2007, I was at a Farbrengen (Chassidic gathering)in 770. At the end of the Farbrengen, the Mashpia (speaker) ran out of things to say, so one of the people at the Farbrengen asked if he could tell about an event that happened to him. So I said, “Go ahead.”

He is from Miami; he is a Lubavitcher who works in drug rehab. About one year and a half ago (approx. Feb. 2006), he was working the nightshift with a 63 year old women, originally from one of the islands.

About 11:30 PM the phone rang and she picked up. After speaking for a while she put down the phone. He noticed that she was very emotional, and he asked her what happened.

She answered, that she just got a call from the hospital, that her granddaughter had an accident, and was in intensive care. It seems, that she was driving a car, when all of the sudden she let out a scream and passed out.

The passenger in the car, steered it to the side of the road and called for help. In the hospital they discovered, that she had a heart problem that caused her to pass out.

The Lubavitcher wasn’t sure if he should say anything. Finally he told her, “There is a Rabbi who gives Blessings, and miracles can happen. If you want, I can ask a blessing for your granddaughter.”

She answered OK. He added: “But you also have to make an a vessel for the Blessing to be able to come down into. You should commit yourself, that when you go home you will give charity to an organization, like the heart fund.” She said OK.

He then proceeded to go on line at igrotkodesh.com to ask for a Bracha Blessing. He put in the women's daughter’s name, and the name of her father.

He then got an answer on one side of the page that said, one should not give up hope. On the other side of the page, it talked about a body and a soul.

Just then the phone rang again and she picked it up. She turned to the Lubavitcher and told him, that the doctor was on the line, and said that her granddaughter was brain dead, and they wanted her permission to disconnect the machines.

The Lubavitcher thought for a minute and said: "Tell the doctors to wait three days (not knowing why he said that). Which she did. He then printed out the answer, and after work went home.

This was on a Tuesday. Friday night was the end of the three days. He didn’t come back to work until Sunday. When he came in he saw the women, and was afraid to ask her what happened. He finally asked her, how her granddaughter was.

The woman responded:
"Your Rabbi did a miracle. On the third day my granddaughter sat up in her bed. The nurse saw the "dead" person sitting up in bed, and ran out of the room to find the doctor. The doctor came in and examined her, and said that she had recovered.

She remained in the recovery room for two weeks, during which she kept a picture of the Rebbe on her bed. After two weeks she was released.

Two months later she got married, having no physical problems!