Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ariel Sharon Meets the Rebbe 1968

In 1968 Ariel Sharon had a private audience with the Rebbe. They spoke about many issues.

Sharon was amazed by the Rebbe’s vast knowledge of military tactics, and his detailed knowledge of the geography of Israel.

The Rebbe knew intricate details that very few people know. Sharon himself a military leader for most of his life, felt he was speaking to a peer, if not an expert, in military affairs.
During the course of the conversation the Rebbe asked Sharon how long he was planning to stay in New York.

Sharon answered that the was taking a flight back to Israel the next day. The Rebbe said, what is the rush, he should wait another day before departing.
After Sharon left the Rebbe’s office, he felt that he had to get back to Israel, and he had nothing more to accomplish in America, so he decided that he would take his originally scheduled flight.

As he left the Rebbe’s office, there were a number of Bachorim (Yeshiva students) that were standing outside. They approached him and wanted to know what the Rebbe had said to him, being that the Rebbe’s insights were always fascinating.

Sharon mentioned a few topics that they had discussed, and also mentioned that the Rebbe had said, by the way, that he should consider leaving at a later date, which he didn’t really understand.

The Bachorim explained, that if the Rebbe suggests something, then it means that he definitely should not take that flight. Sharon thought it over and decided that he respected the Rebbe’s advice, and would put off his departure.
In the mean time, the flight that he was suppose to take on July 23rd, 1968 left the airport, but was hijacked to Algeria!

The hijackers were Arabs, obviously looking for someone, and were very disappointed when they discovered, that he wasn’t on the plane.