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How the World Changes After Moshiach Comes

The Third Temple

The first Beis HaMikdosh was built by Shlomo, whose generation was very high. It was the fifteenth generation from Avraham. Therefore, just as the moon reaches its peak and is the fullest on the fifteenth of the month, so too the Jewish people, who are compared to the moon, reached their peak in the fifteenth generation.

Yet the world was too coarse to absorb such a great revelation. Therefore, instead of using this energy to serve Hashem, it was misdirected into idolatry and false prophets. G-d made the world in a parallel way, in that good and evil, reflect each other.
During the time of the Beis HaMikdosh, Avodah Zora (idolatry)
was very strong. And Sinas Chinam (baseless hatred) eventually destroyed first Temple.
In the times of the first Beis HaMikdosh, the light was so great, that it overwhelmed the world from above. But since the holiness did not permeate the creation, the world did not stay holy. This is like the level of a Tzadik, who is naturally holy.

But the first Temple was a breakthrough, just as Avraham was a breakthrough; and the world was elevated to a certain extent. This was necessary in order to prepare it for the next step, being the second Beis HaMikdosh.
The second Beis HaMikdosh was built by a non-Jewish king, Koresh (Cyrus); under whose rulership the Jews were subjected. This was as opposed to the first Beis HaMikdosh, which was built by a great Tzadik, King Shlomo.

This showed how there was less holiness in the world, but also that the holiness was sinking deeper into the world. The fact that a non-Jew could be associated with the holy Temple.

The holiness was much less than in the first Beis HaMikdosh. This resulted in the Avodah being from down, up; through the peoples own efforts. Being, that the light was less intense, it was able to affect the coarseness in a more internal manner, rather than just overwhelming it.

The result being, that Jews on a personal level, were aroused to do Teshuvah. This Temple represented the Baal Teshuvah. Also the second Beis HaMikdosh lasted longer than the first, because it was more physically oriented.
The third and final Beis HaMikdosh, will have both aspects. It will reveal the ultimate revelation of light, but at the same time, the world will be refined to such an extent by Moshiach, that it will be able to absorb it all.
It will be the synthesis of the Tzadik and the Baal Teshuvah. This then will affect all the nations of the world, in a deep manner.
It is written in the Zohar, that since the first two Beis Hamikdosh were built by finite humans, therefore they were both destroyed. But the third Beis HaMikdosh will be built by Hashem, and therefore be permanent. But in Midrash it is written, that Moshiach will build it.

The Rebbe explains, that there will be a combination of both. That the Beis HaMikdosh will descend from heaven, but Moshiach will then affix the gates to it, thereby completing it, and making it functional. So we see, that Moshiach is involved in every step of the way of the Geulah’s development, since Moshiach is an instrumental part of the Geulah.
The Future

There will be no more forgetting.
In the future, just as now, when a person doesn’t eat he feels the pain of hunger, so too we will feel pain if we don’t do Torah and Mitzvahs.

There will be no hatred or jealousy, because we will realize, that we all need each other.
Since we are all part of G-d’s creation, we are all one. There will be no war, since we will realize that wars are destructive for everyone, and that countries can only be successful if they unite.

Of course, as time goes on, more and more G-dliness will be revealed. Until we reach the point, where we will totally transcend the finite world.
At the time when the Jews went out of Egypt, the Jewish people were formed. Now when the Geulah comes, also the non-Jews and the entire world will be elevated.

The “Chassidah Haolom” (righteous people of the nations) will have a place in the world to come.

These are the non-Jews that followed the “Seven Mitzvahs of Bnei Noach”, based on the fact that they were given through the Torah by Moses.

Then will come the famous “judgment day”, and the evil ones will be punished.

Another reason that they will be punished is, that since they cut themselves off from their source of life, being G-d, and his people, therefore they will automatically cease to exist.
Whereas, regarding the rest of the people, their nature will change so drastically, that they will no longer have any evil tendencies.

A similar occurrence will happen to the carnivorous animals. They will go back to eating straw etc., and their killing instincts will disappear. The lion, will then lay with the lamb.

The nations of the world will help the Jews go to Israel, and help them with their needs, because they will realize, that this is good for them and the world.

They will actually carry Jews on their shoulders, realizing their great worth. One of the main purposes for Moshiach coming, is to elevate the entire world, and not just the Jews.

Jews at the time of the Geulah will promote holiness, and belief in G-d, to all the nations of the world. In turn, the non-Jewish nations will come to realize, that this will be good for them, since G-d is the source of all bounty and wealth. Therefore, they will help the Jews in their task.

In Galus, the non-Jews do not understand the Jews, which leads to jealousy and hatred.
But in Moshiach’s time, non-Jews will come to understand the Jews purpose in the world, and will help them.
Sight reaches deep into the soul, therefore one reacts to it more emotionally. If we were able to see the spiritual reality, we would not be able to endure it. Presently, we can only hear, (learn) about the hidden reality, which leaves room for free-choice.

At the time of Mount Sinai, we saw what was heard, and heard what was seen. But it was only temporary. Because the world was not refined enough to absorb the light in a permanent manner. But after thousands of years of refinement, we are now ready for this permanently.

The veil of the world will be lifted, and the blaring hidden light will be revealed, without needing “sunglasses” as was previously required.

One reason this Geulah is called the Geulah Shlemah (the complete redemption), is that all Jews will be redeemed. As opposed to when the Jews were in Egypt, when many Jews were not redeemed.

This is because after the Jews became a people, received the Torah, and heard the ten commandments from G-d Himself, the nature of the Jewish soul changed, and it became a permanent entity.

Every Jews soul since it is connected with Hashem, will be revealed when the right time comes. Then the totality of creation will be illuminated with the light of Hashem.
Not only will people change their goals, but the physical word itself will become purified, meaning, that it will be connected directly to its source- G-d. There will be a change in produce, in size and amount, quantity and quality.

Eventually, a person will plant a seed, and a few hours later he will harvest it. All trees will bear fruit.

Another result of the world being reconnected to its source, is that fruits, vegetables, plants and grains will grow extremely large. Their growth will no longer be stinted by the sin of the Golden calf.
One grape will be the size of a house! There will be an abundance of bounty for man to partake of.

Even though G-dliness will be evident, man will not just sit around and indulge in the physical, superficial aspect of the world; rather, he will only see the infinite aspect of everything.

Therefore, his desire will be to “indulge” in G-dliness, and grow constantly closer to G-d, and thereby become less and less finite.

The Arizal explains in Kabbalah, that every soul has to go through reincarnations in order to fulfill all 613 Mitzvahs, that he was not able to fulfill in previous incarnations. In this manner, the person completes all the G-dly capacities that he was originally given.

Just as there are six-hundred and thirteen Mitzvahs, there the are six-hundred and thirteen aspects to the soul. When a person does a particular Mitzvah, it opens the channel between the body and the soul.
And each soul power needs to be accessed, in order for the person to be complete. This also reveals G-dliness in the world.

One also needs to study all aspects of Torah, in order to complete ones self, including in our time, Chassidus.

All Jews living in our times, are reincarnations of the generation that lived in the time of Egypt. And since the future Geulah is compared to the first, limited Geulah of Jews from Egypt, we can look back and learn what to expect now.

When Moses (the first redeemer) first came to the Jews, he told them that the time of their Geulah has arrived. But shortly thereafter he had to flee from Egypt, and go into hiding in Midan. And things didn’t improve right away. Later he reappeared, and then took the Jews out of Galus.

It is written in Midrash (Bemidbar Rabba 11.2), that this will also occur when Moshiach comes. First Moshiach will inform us of the Geulah, and only afterwards will it occur.
A person is born, and is slowly elevated and refined. When one does something wrong, he can do Teshuvah. Since G-d made a person imperfect, He also gave him the ability to correct himself, and become complete again.

But if a person does a sever Averah, transgression, he then crosses the boundary between holiness and the opposite thereof; and the soul on the level of Nefesh, is affected. (There are five levels of the soul, the Nefesh being the lowest).

And there is Kares, meaning that the soul is prevented from going into Gan Eden, the higher realms. And must reincarnate in order to correct its lacking.

The purpose of Gehennom, is to cleanse and prepare a soul, so that it can enter Gan Eden. The souls previous finitude has to be removed, in addition to any stains that it may have acquired through sins.

But in our times, these stages will not be necessary, since the body, and the world have been refined to such an extent, that they are ready to go directly to the Geulah.
Suffering and Gehinnom will eventually come to an end, since there will be nothing eternal except good. G-d will elevate the world, and Gehinnom will also become purified and sanctified. Its purpose for being created having been completed.

At that time Gehinnom, including all the souls that are being purified and suffering there, will then be added on to the boundaries of Gan Eden. And all the souls there will dance together with the Tzadikim.

But in Galus, for some souls that have done certain sins, the process of Gehinnom is not enough. Therefore they must undergo reincarnation which cleanses and elevates their soul, to levels that even Gehinnom can’t accomplish.

A soul can normally reincarnate up to three times after its initial life. So it is in the world a total of four times. But a Tzaddik’s soul may come back many times, not as punishment, but rather to continue his souls Avodah in this world.

As Rashi says, there is no generation that doesn’t have a Moses in it. Moses isn’t here, but his soul enters all the leaders of the generation bodies. This gives them the ability to continue to bring G-dliness into the world.
But what about people, who even after three incarnations were not able to correct their souls? They then enter another category of purification, their soul then reincarnates into a animal, kosher or non-kosher (G-d forbid). Or plant, or even an inanimate object. Or even in extreme cases in demons.

These souls suffer even more than the souls in Gehinnom, because they need a deeper purification. The fact that such a high, human soul, that before was able to express itself in speech, feeling and action, is now limited to the state of a rock, is excruciating for a soul. But in the end, they also enter Gan Eden.
The question arises, since throughout the generations, there have been many reincarnations of the soul, which body will come back?

The answer is, that since the reason that the person had to come back was in order to fulfill Mitzvahs that he was not able to fulfill the first time, therefore since Torah is eternal, being that it is G-dly, therefore all the bodies will come back. Since they were all imbued with G-dliness, therefore they all have acquired permanence.

But how can they all come back? Because a soul is multi-leveled, and since only one aspect of the soul was revealed in each body, that aspect of the soul will come back to that particular body. Then all the people that have different aspects of the same soul, will be similar to brothers. This is similar to a burning candle. It can light many other candles and yet still remain burning itself.
Techias HaMesim

At present, after a person passes away, the soul alone goes into Gan Eden. The reward in Gan Eden is the study of Torah (spiritual) on a profound, G-dly level. The more one prepared for this in this world, through the learning of Torah, and the doing of Mitzvahs in general, the higher level he is on, in Gan Eden.

Higher meaning closer to G-d, less limited; and lower being farther away from Hashem, more finite. Evil being the farthest point from G-d. Gan Eden consists of many different levels, which in general include the lower Gan Eden (Tachton), and the upper Gan Eden (Eliyon).

But even though the revelation there is much greater than we could ever imagine in this world, in actuality only a ray of G-dliness that shines there, and a ray is limited.
This is because, Gan Eden is the acquiring of G-dly knowledge, which is only an aspect, a creation, of Hashem.

Because G-d is not a higher intelligent being; for even G-dly intelligence is only a creation. Gan Eden being a limited level, therefore the brain, the intellect, is the vessel for the revelation there.

Only the soul can go to Gan Eden, because the body would limit the soul. Even the soul, in order to enter Gan Eden must first be purified and elevated to a level to where it can absorb the G-dliness there. There can be no material residue.
After Techias HaMesim (resurrection of the dead), the body of the person will be reformed. The soul will then re-enter the body.

The reward then will be, for the doing of Mitzvahs (physical), and more specifically for following the Halachah.
Being, that the final Halachah is the one that is specifically fitted to the physical realm, thereby directly affecting it.

In Halachah, the G-dly wisdom of Torah has been brought down into the mundane, physical world, on the world’s own terms; and determines how to be G-dly in such a physical circumstance.

The discussions that are not the Halachah, have not been able to sink down into the lowest, finite aspects of creation. Whereas the final Halachah, has this unlimited capacity.
Even the laws that are not able to be done now, still have a holy affect by being studied now.

For example, the laws about the sacrifices, the destruction of Amalek, laws of Kings, etc.

B. This is one of the reasons that the Rebbe instituted the study of the Rambam‘s Mishnah Torah on a daily basis, for men, women, and children. Because the Rambam is the compilation of all the Halachas of the entire Torah. This in turn affects the entire creation.

What better way to prepare the world for Moshiach, than having everyone, through studying Halachah, tap into the G-dly energy that is concealed in the physical world.

Also, by studying it daily, everyday of the year is permeated with Halachah, and thereby reveals the infinite G-d, in finite time. And with the addition of the power of unity, of everyone learning the same thing, it adds up to an explosive force of good.

This is also why the Rambam is the only Halacha Sefer to deal with the laws of the Messianic era, even though they were not applicable in his times. The Rambam was a descendent of King David, and could have been Moshiach in his times.

So he more than anyone else would see the necessity for writing down these laws. And through the studying of these laws, this helps to make them a reality.

We also see, that in the Mishnah Torah the Halachahs of the Messianic era, are the last laws to be discussed. This is because this is the goal and reward for studying all the previous chapters of Halachah - Moshiach.

E. Only something that is higher than two opposite creations, has the ability to combine them both. This will take place at he time of Techias HaMesim, when the essence of Hashem will be revealed. This is the level where there are no limitations of physical (body), or spiritual (soul).

The revelation of Hashem will reveal the essence of both, and their essential unity.

Since the revelation at that point will be of the essence of Hashem, the reward will be here in this physical world, and not in Gan Eden. Since Hashem’s essence is “found” in this physical world, and not in the spiritual (intellectual) world of Gan Eden. And the proper vessel for this unlimited revelation, is the body, and not the soul.
Death is not normal. Before Adam sinned, man lived forever. Only when G-dliness was hidden, did man become finite, and as a result begin to disintegrate.

Now when this lower level of G-dliness is revealed in the world, the world runs down, since it is not connected to its infinite source. Which will not be the case at Techias HaMesim, when body and soul will both transcend their limits, and unite forever.

In truth, death is a transfer of dimension for the soul, from one of being confined in a physical body, to being unlimited in the upper worlds. Death itself is only a creation, that after having served it purpose, will cease to exist.

The body will then not be sustained by finite energy in food, but rather by G-d Himself. As the person will have become refined to such an extent, that he can now absorb this G-dly energy directly, whereas before he would have expired.

The removal of evil in the world will take place in two stages. In the first stage evil will be separated from good. With the evil eventually being used to help good. In the final stage, after Techias HaMasim, evil will be eradicated from the world, with the total revelation of G-d in the world.

With the removal of evil from the world, the cause for death, being sin, will automatically disappear. This in turn will lead to eternal life. The world will have been purified to such an extent, that it becomes G-dly, and therefore infinite. Which is why in the future there will be eternal life.
The cause of death is actually the sin of the golden calf, which imbued the creation with a “Zumah”, a filth, which is what makes a human finite. This sin covered over G-dliness, therefore the world degenerates.

When the creation is disconnected from its source, it is limited. But when the world is directly “plugged” into its source – Hashem, then it never deteriorates.
It is explained in the Zohar, that since human beings are given birth by a finite being, therefore they are finite, so life comes to an end. In order for limited human beings to live an eternal life they would first have to pass away for an instant.

Then they would be brought back to life in a unlimited manner. The body then would be an infinite, G-dly body, that would have the ability to live forever.

But the Rebbe said, that in our times this has changed, and that this world has been imbued with G-dliness to such an extent, that there will be no need for this intermediate step. And that those people that are living then, will go directly from this life to eternal life, without suffering this intermediate stage.

A. After Techias Hamesim:

The complete redemption, will have the completion of the number of ten. The tenth Shirah (song), (Michilta Beshalach 15, 10). The tenth ParHadumah (red calf). I

srael will include not only the original seven Canaanite nations that were conquered, but also include the three other nations that surround Israel, a total of ten.

There will be no eating, drinking, sleeping, jealousy, hatred, or war. There will be only a continual ascent in levels of holiness.
All Jews will become prophets.

We will pray the entire Shemonah Esrah out loud. Now, since the body is an impediment to seeing Hashem, in the beginning of Tefillah we need to go up three levels before we can reach the Amidah prayer.
When we pray the Amidah prayer, which is the fourth level, we have transcended the body, and therefore the prayer is silent. We just open our mouths and let the words come out by themselves.

But in the future, when the physical body itself will be transformed into a vehicle that will connect us with Hashem, the physical words themselves will carry G-dliness, and therefore will be said out loud.

We will also say “Baruch Shem Kavod Malchuso” out loud.
A pig will start to chew its cud, and become kosher. Chazer, a pig, will Chozer, return to its high source, being Kosher.
All trees in Israel will bear fruit, even if they are not fruit trees. Later this will include all trees in the world.
A grain of wheat will grow taller than a mountain.
We will become satisfied with a small quantity of produce, since the body will be more refined.
In order to carry one grape, it will require a large wagon, or in some cases a ship, in order to transport it.
Since it will be very difficult to move grapes, therefore Hashem will bring a powerful wind, that will help move the grape to exactly where it is needed.
Infants will be born able to walk.
Instead of a woman being pregnant for nine months, she will be pregnant for nine hours.
We will plant a grain, and the same day it will grow.
Both the first born male child, and the Leviim, will serve in the Beis Hamikdosh.
The Leviim will become Cohanim. Therefore Moshe, who was a Levi, will become the Cohan Godol.
All Korbonos (sacrifices) will be nullified, except for the Korban Toda (thanks). Because since there will be no sin at that time, there will be no need for the sin offerings. But since Jews will be freed from the prison of Galus, they will bring a thanks offering to Hashem.

The Beis Hamikdosh will be as large as Jerusalem. Jerusalem as large as Israel. And Israel will encompass the entire world.
All synagogues and Jewish houses will be transported to Israel, and be attached to the Beis Hamikdosh. The ground that they are attached to will also go.

Mount Sinai will move from the Sinai desert, to Israel. Since all the holy places where Jews learned Torah will go to Israel, and since Mount Sinai was permeated with G-dliness when the Torah was given on it, it will also go,

Jews will be either 100 Amos (150 feet) tall, or 200 Amos (300 feet) tall. Since they then will be spiritually greater, this will manifest itself in them also being physically greater.

Moshiach will be able to determine if a non-Jew is truly sincere about wanting to convert. Since at that time it will be very good for Jews, and all non-Jews will want to participate.

The wicked Jews that the Torah says will not merit Techias HaMesim, means to say, that the body that sinned will not come back, but the soul will reincarnate into a different body, being that souls are permanent.

In our generation everyone is a Gilgul (reincarnation).
Many people in past and present generations have been reincarnated between one to three times. The question is which body will be reincarnated at Techias HaMesim.

The answer is that all bodies will come back. Each body will have the part of the soul that it had when it was here before. They will all be like brothers, so too speak.

There will be no need for eating and drinking, as people will receive their life directly from Hashem, just as Moses did on Mount Sinai.

All people will be on the level of a Tzadik and beyond.
Of all the holidays only Chanukah and Purim will still exist.

Because since everyone will be on the level of a Tzadik, we will not need to do Teshuvah on Yom Kipper, or crown the King on Rosh Hashanah, since we will always realize the presence of the King (Hashem). Or receive the Torah on Shevous, since we will constantly be connected to Hashem and His will.

The great revelation of light that was revealed on Chanukah and Purim will always shine. Because the Jews, through standing up to impossible odds, revealed a very high level in their souls, that shines forever.

The Mitzvahs as a command, will not be needed, as we will be Tzadikim and automatically do Mitzvahs, just as we now automatically eat and drink without being told to.
We will not need Mitzvahs in order to be connected to Hashem, since we will always be connected. Because physicality (finity) will no longer separate us from Him.

In Yomos HaMoshiach, we will Poskin (rule) like Beis Shammi instead of Beis Hillel, because we will be on a level where we can be held to the higher standard of Beis Shammi. The Sanhedrin will reconvene then, and decide in favor of Beis Shammi.

After Techias HaMesim, when Mitzvahs will no longer be needed in their original manner, both Beis Hillel and Beis Shammi will be valid, since the essence of Hashem will be revealed. And on this level, a higher unity will be revealed, so that even opposites will unite.

At Techias HaMasim, a divorced women who remarried, will remain married to her second husband.
People who now go to Gan Eden, are on different levels, because Gan Eden is involved with Torah study (relates to the soul), each person understands on a different level.

But at the time of Techias HaMesim, since the reward then is for the doing of Mitzvahs (action, relating to the body), on this level all Jews will be equal, and all will have a place in the world to come, even the evil ones.

At the time of Techias HaMesim, the body instead of impeding ones connection to Hashem, because of the Yetzer Horah, and it being finite, will on the contrary, be the vehicle that allows man to reach the highest level possible, being the total revelation of Hashem.

Instead of the soul enlivening the body, the body will enliven the soul. In other words, it will connect the soul to the higher manifestation of Hashem that will exist at that time.
We will then transcend the limitations of both the physical realm, and the limitations of the spiritual realm (infinite). Being that infinity is also limited, in that it can’t be finite.

We will have both levels- Torah knowledge (affecting mainly the soul), will be complete. And Mitzvahs, (affecting mainly the body and the world), that permeate the physical reality, will be complete. Which in turn will make the world complete.

“Aishes Chal, Ateres Baylah,” “A woman of valor, will be a crown to her husband.” Meaning, that in the future a women will be like a crown, that sits on top of the head of her husband; meaning, that a women’s soul and Middos will be revealed, to be higher than a mans.

In Galus a man has a coarser body that is needs more work to be elevated, whereas a women is already on a higher level. Which is why she matures a year earlier than a man, and has her Bas Mitzvah at twelve instead of at thirteen like a man.

People will arise with the same sickness that they had when they died. And after that, they will be healed. It will be in this order, for them to appreciate and absorb the tremendous revelations at that time.

There will be no more crying, as there will be no more suffering. There will only be eternal happiness.