Friday, May 1, 2009


Goodness without knowledge, is impotent;
But knowledge without goodness, is dangerous.

Welcome to “A Perfect World”. Here you will find a number of thought provoking articles and essays. Articles have been sent to me over the years from different sources. I have collected them and now I am sharing them with you.

Articles have been chosen based on content, information, and interest.

All articles have been edited, for conciseness, clarity, readability, and understanding.

Many articles presented will introduce the reader, to a new world that they were not aware of before.

The reader should come to realize, that Judaism and Moshiach are quite different, than what they may have previously thought it was.

My goal is to inform, inspire, and show the depth, that Judaism has to offer.


Some of the following articles include knowledge, that everyone needs to know. They will help one realize, that world events are part of a process, that is leading to a better world.

The reason that the Rebbe told us to do many things, was in order to bring the Geulah, is because Hashem created the world in such a manner, that in order to have the Geulah, certain things have to happen first.

So the sooner we accomplish those things, the sooner the Geulah can come.

Even though the Geulah now is inevitable, and nothing can stop it, we still have the free-choice to make it happen quicker and easier. Understanding the following, helps to bring the Geulah quicker and easier.

I realize, that although many people will enjoy the style that this web site is written in, others will not relate to it. But for those of you that enjoy it, I think that you will find a tremendous amount, of very interesting information here.

Good Luck!