Friday, May 1, 2009

Being Directly Attached to Hashem

The Chet (sin) of the Etz Hadas (tree of knowledge)

The physical world deteriorates, because of the Chet of the Etz Hadas, the sin of Adam, and the golden calf, etc.

Sin disconnects one from Hashem; and since all life comes from Hashem, this disconnection results in a lessening of the life of Hashem into the person, and into the world at large.

Adam was supposed to have lived forever, but because of his sin, his life-span was shortened to nine-hundred and thirty years. And because of the continual sinning of every generation after Adam, the life-span was continually shortened.

This continued until after the sin of the golden calf, when the life-span became much shorter.
One or two generations ago, people lived only forty or fifty years, but in our times people live seventy or eighty years. We see, that as we get closer to the revelation of Moshiach, people’s life span has continually increased.

Now it is becoming more and more common ,for people to live over one hundred years. And scientists are now researching methods that they say, may be able to help people live much, much longer.

This is because, as time goes on the world becomes more refined. Meaning, that it becomes more and more reconnected with Hashem, and the coarseness that was brought to world by the sin of Adam, has been gradually removed.

This is why it is written, that after Techias HaMasim a grain of wheat will be as large as a watermelon, because everything will grow much larger.

And if a person tries to pick a fruit from a tree on Shabbos, the tree will scream out at him that it is Shabbos. And life will not be diminished as it is now.

Because then the world will be directly connected to Hashem.

Galus (exile) can be compared to a radio. If a radio (the creation) is not plugged into its source (Hashem), then it just a worthless piece of plastic (it deteriorates); but on the other hand, when it is plugged into its source, it becomes alive.

A deeper understanding of this is, the reason that everything grows much larger is because, being that the essence of Hashem is found in this world.

As He becomes more and more revealed into this world, this will manifest itself in physicality, as physical needs of people becoming more plentiful.

As the Rambam writes in the Mishnah Torah, that Madanim, delicacies, will be as plentiful in the world, as dust is plentiful now.
Why does he use the example of dust, because when the essence of Hashem is revealed, delicacies will be considered as dust.
Eventually the body will become so refined, and it will be so united with its source, being Hashem, that no one will need to eat; because energy will come directly from Hashem.

As was the case when Moshe went up on Mount Sinai to get the Torah, he didn’t need to eat for forty days; because he was so close to Hashem, that his energy came directly from Him.
Now the goal is to strengthen this connection, through doing more Torah and Mitzvahs BeHidder (in a beautiful manner). And to learn Chassidus, which connects one with the essence of the Torah.

May we all become tuned in.