Monday, May 11, 2009

Publicize the Miracles- that are Taking Place Now

The Rebbe says in a Seicha, (Sefer HaSeichas Nun-Beis, page 185), “Through the recognition, and giving thanks and praise to Hashem, for the miracles that He does; this is also relevant to the coming of Moshiach Tzedkanu, in the true and complete Geula.

From this it is understood, that the publicizing of miracles that Hashem does in our times, is relevant to bringing the true and complete Geula in actuality”
The Rebbe said, that if we perceive all the miracles that are taking place now, then Hashem will make more occur.

Because when we see Hashem’s hand in the world, we bring heaven down to earth, and materialize Hashem into the world.

Every time we see Hashem in the world, we bring Him closer to staying in the world, which is the Geulah.