Monday, April 27, 2009

In the Times of Moshiach

In the higher spiritual reality of "Days of Moshiach", there will be no illnesses; no sick people; no suffering; no poverty; hospitals will turn into Yeshivot, Soup Kitchens will turn into Shuls (synagogues); Old Age Homes will be obsolete; there will no invalids (handicaps).

All will be healthy and strong, and will use their energy to learn Torah, pray, and do Avodat HaShem all day, every day. Death will disappear.
In the "Days of Moshiach", we will merit to live in a repaired world.

There will great thirst, from small to big, to know HaShem; and to bring HaShem much Nachat (pleasure).

In the "Days of Moshiach", the world will learn to live with justice and integrity. The justice will even extend, to wild animals.