Monday, April 27, 2009

The Future - Autistic Child

Disbelief and confusion, will prevail. Many will be tested, and be whitened and refined, like ore (smelting), in this test of faith.

He who merits passing the test, and remains with his faith, is praiseworthy, and will merit all the good that will come to us, speedily, in our days. But many will fail, and become wicked.

However, even so, I inform them of this beforehand, for the sake of those few proper people, who will strengthen themselves in their faith.

Even so, there will certainly be great battles in their minds; so this foreknowledge will be soothing to the soul, and will strengthen them and give them courage, when they see that this has been foreseen.
“I will now reveal a secret to you, there will be great disbelief in the world. The disbelief will come from above, as a test. “Woe, how will a few people, be able to stand against the whole world?”