Monday, May 4, 2009

A G-dly Marriage

Would G-d ever, divorce the Jewish people?

Everything in this world, also exists in the spiritual world. A marriage below between a man and a woman, is reflected above, in a marriage between mankind and G-d.

G-d is married to us, and is therefore forgiving. G-d doesn't divorce us, when we make mistakes. If we get overwhelmed and break one of His commands; then because we are married to Him, and He is considerate, and understanding; He gives us a way to renew the relationship, since we are only human.

G-d is married to us, therefore our relationship with Him is like G-d, infinite.
Since the relationship is unbreakable, therefore, He is lenient and forgiving, when we don't always live up to His expectations.

G-d says to us: "You made a mistake, try again. Do this, and I’ll accept you back with loving arms.” “You forgot about Me, then next time try to remember.” “You forgot a second time, try a third time.”

That's how we know, that He is committed to the marriage, and that He really loves us.

Sometimes G-d even looks for excuses to maintain the relationship. When we do something wrong, He doesn’t immediately get upset and say, “That’s it, eternal damnation!”

Rather, He asks, why we did it. Did we do it intentionally, or was it a thoughtless mistake. “If it was a mistake, it can be corrected; if it was intentional, pay the price, and welcome back!” He always looks for a way to help us.
Human Marriage

G-d wants us to get married to the person, He has chosen for us. But He is also compassionate and understanding, when we tell Him, that it's just didn’t work.

If we break the relationship, it doesn’t mean that the marriage was a mistake. Just the opposite; when G-d created us, He also created our Beshert (the one we are destined to marry).
It just means, that we have free-choice. Sometimes a marriage made in heaven, can crash on earth.

Saying that we married the wrong person, is like saying, that we gave birth to the wrong child; that it was really meant to be someone else's. That is obviously not the case, the child that we have, was meant to be ours.

As Einstein said, "G-d doesn't play dice with the universe." If G-d doesn't play dice with inanimate objects, then He surely doesn't play dice with human beings and souls.

Getting divorced does spoil G-d’s plan, but nevertheless, He will let us.
Even though G-d has strict rules, laws, and Commandments, regarding Himself; but with us when we sin, He tells us: "You made a mistake, nobody’s perfect, try to do better.” “Keep trying, I’m always here."

That’s the way it is on a G-dly plane. On a human plane we should follow His example: Your spouse did the same thing to you again, forgive him/her again. He/she did it ten times, forgive him/her ten times. Be as committed to making this relationship last, as G-d has been committed to making His relationship last with us .

We think that when we transgress, that we broke the relationship with G-d, but G-d says, “You didn’t break it. We can never be separated from each other, you just weakened the relationship. So in order to strengthen it again, do Teshuvah.” G-d anxiously waits, for our return.

That's exactly how our marriages should be: treating our spouses the way G-d treats us: With compassion, consideration; and a realization, that we are one being, inseparably united.

A true Marriage, (marriage meaning, an unity of two totally different entities) is: that even though, what for ourselves we consider a sin, and are very strict about; yet with our spouse, we will be very lenient, and forgiving, when they commit the same transgression. Then, there won’t just be a meeting of the minds, but also a meeting of the souls.

G-d above recognizes, that we are human. And by us below realizing, that our spouse is human, (and makes mistakes, but that has nothing to do with our inseparable relationship); then we will have a truly G-dly marriage, made in heaven!