Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Help Your Fellow Man

The Chassidic master Rabbi Mendel of Kotzk, once referred to a certain Rabbi as: “Ah Tzaddik in Peltz” -- "a righteous, holy person, but in a fur coat."
The Kotzker explained: When it is winter and its freezing cold, there are two things one can do to stay warm: One can build a fire; or one can put on a fur coat.

In both cases, the person is warm; but when one builds a fire, everyone is warm; whereas by putting on a fur coat, only the person wearing the coat is warm.

So too regarding spiritual warmth.
One can be a Tzaddik in a fur coat: he can gain a lot of benefits for himself, and warm himself by being holy in his own service to G-d;
but he leaves others to freeze, by sharing none of it with them.

Which is why I made this blog; so get warm!