Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Humble Ones"

At the end of the Midrash Yalkut Shemoni, that the Rebbe quoted in relation to the Iraq war, it states, ”Anuvim (Humble ones), don’t worry, all that I have done, I have done for you.”

Instead of Humble ones, it should have said Jews or Israel. But specifically those that are humble, are the ones that will be able to receive Moshiach, and all the tremendous revelations that will follow.

Intellect and emotion are physical, and therefore limited. Only through Kabolos Ohl (doing without understanding), can one transcend their limited being, and become a vessel, for the infinite light.


In Bassi Legani (by the Previous Rebbe) it is written, that in our generation, the treasures that were never seen before, or even known about, are now being revealed. But to whom are they being revealed - not to the generals of the army, or the captains, but specifically to the foot-soldiers.

Because they are the ones who are open to the infinite revelations. As they don’t try to fit them into their limited understanding. They hear, and then they do, with no pause in between.

Many years ago a Chassid became ill with the known disease. The doctors had given up hope on him. He went to the Rebbe for a Brachah. The Rebbe told him to go to his Mashpia (advisor).

He went to his Mashpia, but the Mashpia upon hearing the seriousness of the situation, and that the Rebbe had sent him to him, he could not understand how he could help. He began to research Seichas, etc.

The Chassid then went back to the Rebbe and told him, that he went to his Mashpia, but that he was very vague as to what to do. The Rebbe then told him, to go to different Mashpia.

The second Mashpia, upon hearing the seriousness of situation and that the Rebbe had sent the Chassid to him, realized that he was to be a conduit for the blessing of the Rebbe, immediately said, “It is nothing, you have nothing!”

The Chassid recovered completely!
The first Mashpia approached the situation according to the limited laws of nature, by using his own intellect; therefore, the Brachah which was above nature could not be manifest through him.

Whereas the second Mashpia, through having total faith in the Rebbe, was a vessel for the unlimited Brachah for the Chassid.


Understanding and knowledge, are creations of G-d, just as trees and plants; but when one wants to connect with the infinite G-d, one must leave ones boundaries, and stretch their vessels, in order to become G-dly beings.

Our generation is called “The Heels of Moshiach”; heels symbolize humbleness, because they do what they are told, without hesitation.


Many Seichas explain the concept of Bittel, (humility). This may be because, just as before the Torah was given, the Jews had to say Nasei before Nishmah, (now we will do, and later we will come to understand).

So too now, in order to be able to receive the Torah of Moshiach, which is totally beyond the Torah we have now, the Jews have to have total Bittul.