Monday, April 27, 2009

Current Events- Open Your Eyes

The increasing darkness is positive proof, that the light of dawn is fast approaching.

What does Geula mean? It comes from the word Giluy - revelations. When Moshiach arrives, there will be many revelations.
In the time of the Roman empire it was said that, “All roads lead to Rome.” Since the Romans build the roads intentionally in this manner, to lead back to their capital.

Similarly it can be said, that now in our generation, “All roads lead to Jerusalem.” Meaning, that G-d is directing all world events (weather, nations, economies, etc), to Jerusalem, the Geula!
We don't know how it’s going to happen, as Teshuvah can always change things; but it is certain, that Hashem wants Moshiach now, and He will force the world to say uncle, or Moshiach now, whichever comes first.

The Geula is inevitable, but the Rebbe says, that we can make is quicker and easier through:

Teaching the world about the great event that is occurring, and that it occurring because of the Jews and their redemption; more Tzedakah; being more careful and beatifying, the doing of Mitzvahs; learn about the Geula, learn Chassidus, have more Ahavas Yisroel, do Chitas, Kiruv, etc.
The Rebbe said, that we should open our eyes- People should realize, that changes in the weather, are not due to el nino or the greenhouse effect.

The Previous Rebbe says flooding, is the way Hashem makes the world realize that He runs the world.

These prophesies help us realize, the scale of events that can happen, in order to force us to spread the Besuras Hageula, before things get really out of control.
When we see world events taking place, we should automatically, see the hand of G-d.

When we see that these events do not take place, we should also realize, that this in and of itself is a miracle.

That due to the kindness of Hashem, even greater tragedies could have been programmed to occur, but didn't. Thank G-d!

Regarding all the drastic changes in the weather, including storms, hurricanes tornadoes, earthquakes, extreme heat, volcanoes, etc., scientists keep trying to convince us, that they are just natural events, that occur every hundred years or so, etc.

But when you have five hundred events like this, that occur in the same time period, it is hard to say, that they are just natural weather patterns.

Rather, they are the upheaval that is occurring in the world, as the infinite light of Moshiach, tries to enter a finite world.

The Earth’s surface is divided into 3 oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian), and 7 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia and Antarctica).

The reason for this is, that it is a direct correspondence with the 10 Sefirot, the 10 Divine emanations, which constitute the most basic Kabbalistic model.

Each of these 10 areas has to become a vessel, for the G-dly light that is descending.