Monday, April 27, 2009

The Dream of Rabbi Yossie Feldman


On Yud Alef Teves, 5768 (Dec. 20, 2007) Mr. and Mrs. Zev Simons passed away, in a tragic car accident in Sydney Australia.

On Shabbos Teshuvah, 10-11-2008, Rabbi Yossi Feldman had a dream; he said the dream was very real.

(Rabbi Feldman is a man in his forties, a Talmud Chocham. He has a Shul, and runs a Smicha (Rabbinical ordination) program. He is very intelligent.)
The dream:

Zev came to Rabbi Feldman, and asked him to do him a favor, and make a Minyon in his former home.

Rabbi Feldman answered him; but the house had already been sold.

Zev answers: It hasn’t been finalized yet. And I’ll give you the key to get in.

Then he reached into his pocket to get the key.
Then he stopped and said: Just go there, you will be able to get in.
Rabbi Feldman then said: I will do you a favor; can you do me a favor and answer some questions for me?

Zev answered: yes.

Rabbi Feldman: when is Moshiach coming?

Zev: This year

Rabbi Feldman: Is the Rebbe Moshiach?

Zev: He hesitated, then smiled, and then nodded his head yes.


Later Rabbi Feldman went to the Simon’s home and saw a religious man standing outside. He approached him and asked him if he owned the house.

He answer, that he had given a deposit, but had not acquired it completely yet. Rabbi Feldman then asked him, if the could make a Minyon for Mincha inside. He answered, sure, no problem. And he himself was part of the Minyon.
Rabbi Yossi Feldman said, that since this part of the dream was true, (that the house had not been sold yet), the rest of the dream must be true.