Sunday, April 26, 2009

So who is the Rebbe?

1. First we need to understand what Moshiach’s ultimate job is, and then we can understand the Rebbe.

If you ask the average person who has learned Torah, what Moshiach’s job is, he will answer you: To build the Bais HaMikdosh, to gather all the Jews and bring them back to Israel, to fight the wars of G-d, etc.; but these are all a means to an end.

What do we need the Bais HaMikdosh for, is it just a building? Of course not, it is an instrument that reveals Hashem into the world. And since the third Temple is totally different than the first two, the level of G-dliness that it reveals is totally different.

The first two Temples revealed the Scheinah. Since these Temples were built by limited human beings, the Scheinah was all that could be revealed at that point in history. But the Scheinah is only a ray of Hashem.

What is revealed in the third temple, that makes it eternal, is an asapect of the essence of Hashem. This is why the third temple is built both by Hashem and Moshiach, because this makes it everlasting.

Moshiach is an intermediary, that connects two opposing things; and every intermediary must have the aspects, of both of the things that it is uniting.

And since Moshiach’s job is to reveal the aspect of the essence of Hashem into the physical world, he must have both a physical aspect- the body; and a G-dly aspect- a unique soul, in himself.

2. Moshe was the only one who could go on top of Har Sinai to receive the Torah. Anyone else would have died. Moshe was born with a very high soul, so much so, that when he was born, the whole room where he was born was filled with light.

This is why the Torah is called Torahs Moshe, and not Torah's Hashem, because Moshe was so connected with Torah, that he was one with Hashem. This allowed the Torah to be transmitted through him.

So too Moshiach. In order to do his job, he must have a soul that gives him the ability to achieve his purpose in the world- being to reveal the essence of Hashem, into this limited world.

This may be why the Rebbe said about the Previous Rebbe, that he was "Atzmus Mahus in a body." Because this is Moshiach’s job, to reveal Hashem’s essence into the world. Making Moshiach a very holy person.

3. It is written, (Yeshayahu, 51, 4) that Hashem says, that the Torah that Moshiach will reveal, will be “A new Torah, that will come from Me.” Meaning to say, that it will come from the essence of Hashem.

Since Moshiach's Torah will come from Hashem’s essence, therefore it is also written, that it will make the Torah that we have now, look like nothing in comparison. Since essence totally transcends anything else.

Also, Moshiach will be on such high level, that he will teach this Torah to
the greatest Tzadikim and sages who ever lived. Yet he will also be able to teach it to the simplest person.

Moshiach must have the ability to reveal this great revelation into the limited world. He must have the unique soul of Moshiach (aspect of Etzem), enclothed in a physical body. Just as Moses was the only able to reveal the Torah Mount Sinai.

4. The Rebbe mentioned on numerous occasions mentioned, Neshamah be Guf, a soul in a body. Most people think, that the Rebbe was just saying, that he, and Jews in general, should be alive, body and soul; but he was referring to something much greater than this.

That a physical body, should be able to contain an infinite soul, a soul that is Atzmus Mahus; without the body being destroyed by such an intense revelation; Neshamah be Guf, a Moshiach soul in a physical body.

5. Since Moshiach has both aspects in himself, he therefore can reveal this into the world at large; and make a Dirah BeTactonim for Hashem, in this finite world. Moshiach being, the ultimate holy, G-dly, human being. He must combine the aspect of the highest level of Hashem (Etzem), with the lowest level of physicality.

6. So too, a soul like Moshiach (which comes from Etzem) is not limited to the finite or the infinite.

We see that the Rebbe was able to teach Torah to men, women, children, and non-Jews; and speak to secular Jews, atheist Jews; rich people, poor, very intelligent, and simple people; and everything in between.

In his Seichas, (talks), he spoke about the highest spiritual concepts, with the same ease, as he spoke about politics and worldly secular matters, that needed to be improved. There is no topic that the Rebbe isn’t totally versed in, including military advice.
An example being Ariel Sharon; the great general was shocked at the Rebbe’s knowledge of military tactics.

He spoke with the simplest person, with the same ease, as he spoke to greatest leaders. And he even related to infants, as he passed a dollar in front of their faces, in order to make them reach for it themselves.

The Rebbe gave advice and blessings, both in spiritual matters and everyday, mundane matters, not being limited to any realm.

7. The Rebbe combined secular knowledge with G-dly knowledge (Torah and Chassidus). He studied engineering at the Sorbonne in France; and even worked as an engineer for the U.S. navy during World War II. Yet taught some of the deepest Torah one could imagine.

8. The Rebbe also has transformed non-Jews, through his Seven Mitzvah’s campaign, started in 1986.

The Rebbe even transformed atheistic Russia, through his underground network! This reached its climax, when Bush and Yeltzen met, and agreed to transform swords into plowshares; which the Rebbe said, was the beginning of Moshiach affecting the world!

9. Anyone who learns Chassidus, knows what a Tzadik is; but the Rebbe goes beyond even this, since the word Tzadik is a limitation.

Among other things, a Tzadik is someone who has no Yetzer Hora (drive for physical desires). This automatically makes him different than the average man. And since he has no Yetzer Hora, he cannot sin. Which is why after a Tzadik is buried, his body does not deteriorate, (as has been documented numerous times), since sin causes the body to deteriorate.

Since the Tzadik has no Yetzer Hora, he sees truth clearly, and is not misled by his own selfish desires.

Also, since the Tzadik is one, with Torah, he is able to perform miracles. Since Hashem put Himself into the Torah, and the Tzadik is able to connect with the inner aspects of the Torah, being its infinite part, he therefore can transcend nature.

But there are different levels of Tzadikim; the greater the Tzadik, the deeper he can connect with this level of Torah, and the more he can transcend the boundaries of nature.

It is written, that a Tzadik cannot elevate Shlosha Kelipahs Hatamas, (the three Kelipahs of Tuma), the lowest level of impurity. Because, a Tzaddik is only involved in the world of Kedusha (holiness), and has no connection to evil.

But the Rebbe is not limited to the level of Tzadik- he made tens of thousands of Balle Teshuvah. And each Balle Teshuvah transformed their former Aveiras (transgressions), including Shlosha Kelipahs Hatamas, into Kedusha!

A Tzaddik only brings holiness (which is a creation of Hashem) into the world, whereas Moshiach brings Hashem- Etzem (Who is beyond all limitations) into the world.

On every continent of the world, the Rebbe has transformed darkness into light. Only something higher than darkness, can transform it into light- the power of Etzem!