Sunday, April 26, 2009


1. When the average person looks at something that is different from himself, he will always associate it with his own experience.

The analogy is given, of five blind men, who wanted to know what an elephant is. So they were taken to a zoo and allowed to approach an elephant.

One of the men fell upon the elephant’s foot and said, “Now I know what an elephant is, it is very wide and long.” Another fell on the elephants tail and said, “You are crazy, I know what an elephant is, it is thin and short.”

Another fell on the elephants trunk and said, “You are both crazy, an elephant is very long and moves a lot!”

Each one was explaining what an elephant is, based on his own personal experience, and limited as it is. Of course, none of them knew what an elephant is.

Someone to whom intelligence is the basis of his life, will describe the Rebbe as being very intelligent; whereas someone who is emotional will say, that the Rebbe is a very warm person; and someone who likes to be involved in a lot of things will say, that the Rebbe is a great leader, etc.

2. One could have seen and learned about the Lubavitcher Rebbe, but missed the main point of his being.

3. The world is made of up of three categories:
1. Physical (limited)

2. Spiritual (infinite levels of Kedusha, holiness)
a. Evil, (which is subcategory of the physical, can have a spiritual aspect to it), but it has only a temporary existence
3. Etzem (essence) of Hashem.

The spiritual, infinite level, is also just a creation, and is just as limited as the physical level; because it can only be infinite, and not finite; making it limited, to only being infinite.

Whereas Hashem, Etzem, transcends all boundaries, and therefore can be both finite and infinite, simultaneously; and can transform the lowest evil into holiness.
As was seen in the Beis HaMikdosh: The Aron Kodesh, had a measurement, but simultaneously had no measurement.

Because in the Holy of Holys, the Etzem of Hashem was revealed.
And although the Menorah in the Beis HaMikdosh had seven branches, the Chanukah Menorah has eight.

Because, the Beis HaMikdosh only affected the realm of good, whereas Chanukah transformed the evil itself. Eight showing on the level, which is above the limitation of nature.

So too Moshiach, will have the soul of Moshiach, being a revelation of Etzem in a body. Giving him the ability to combine the physical and spiritual aspects of the creation.

This revelation of Etzem, will eventually be revealed into the entire word- Geula!