Friday, May 1, 2009

How Jews Crown a King

Your Vote for Moshiach Counts!

Crowning a Jewish King, is totally different than crowning a non-Jewish King. Most non-Jewish Kings were crowned, by either making themselves King by force, or by being a descendent of a King.

And once he is King, he can do whatever he wants; he can be cruel, go to war, makes his subjects suffer; or just be fickle and fulfill any whim he may have. But Moshiach can only become Moshiach if the people accept him willingly, “BeRatzon”.

(Is Sefer HaSeichas. Nun-Alef, page 82, the Rebbe says): “Ruler-ship is forced. Which is not like Kingship, which is by accepted willingly.”

In a Seicha, (Likutei Seichas, Rosh Hashanah, vol. 29, pg. 188), the Rebbe explains regarding Hashem: For Hashem to be a King, and have to deal with mundane matters, is a “Yorida”, a very great descent, for Hashem; since he is totally exalted and separate from the creation. Therefore, the nation has to arouse in Him a desire to be King.

How do they arouse this in Hashem? On Rosh Hashanah the Jews have to tell Hashem that they want Him to be their King, and that they will be Bittle to him and His decrees. This then arouses in Hashem the desire to lower Himself be a King.

It is explained in Lekutei Torah (Derushim for Rosh Hashanah, page Nun-Daled, page 107) that “The Midah of Malchus is revealed specifically when it is willingly accepted”.

We say this every day in Maariv (the evening prayer) in the section following the Shemah: “And Your Kingship the willingly (BeRatzon) accepted upon themselves.”

By definition, there can be no King, without a nation to be King over. So in order to have a King, the nation has to make themselves subservient (Bittle) to him.

So too regarding King Moshiach. Moshiach cannot bring the Geulah until the people declare him King. The nation can reveal Moshiach through making themselves Buttel to him.

This is the greatest event to take place in the history of the world, it would be a shame to miss it.