Thursday, May 7, 2009

Torah Sources for Extreme Weather Changes

At that time, the whole world will quake, and the people will wonder, "Is a new Flood, coming to the world?"

But G-d will assure them, 'No, this isn't a flood, rather, I have come to make a banquet for my children, and to rule over the entire world.'"
(Tanna d'Vei Eliyahu Rabba, end of Ch. 2)
The heavens will disintegrate like smoke; and the earth will wear away like clothing,' as the promise comes to an end."
(Isaiah 51:6)
"The foundations of the earth will quake. The earth is broken; the earth crumbles; the earth is dismantled.

The earth will move like a drunkard, and shake like a hut.. and the moon will be shamed and the sun embarrassed, for G-d reigns on Mount Zion."
(Isaiah 24:17-20, 23)