Monday, April 27, 2009

Upheavals in Judaism- in the Times of Moshiach

Judaism will suffer greatly because of these upheavals.

There is a tradition, that the Jews will split up into various groups, each laying claim to the truth; as the Talmud says, "Our truth shall be divided into flocks" (Sanhedrin 97a).

This will make it exceedingly difficult, and almost impossible, to discern the true Ju­daism from the false. This is the meaning of the prophecy, "Truth will fail." (Isaiah 59:15).
Maimonides, in his Epistle to Yemen even predicted, that many will leave the fold of Judaism completely, without mali­ciously intending to do harm to the Jewish people; and the nation shall suffer immensely, as a result of their actions.

This is how our sages interpret the prophecy, "The wicked shall do wickedly, and not understand" (Daniel 12:10)..
Of course, there will be Jews who will remain true to their traditions. They will realize, that they are witnessing the death throes of a degenerate old order, and will not be drawn into it.

But they will suffer all the more for this, and be dubbed fools for not conforming to the liberal ways, of the pre-Messianic age.

This is the meaning of the prophecy (Isaiah 59:15), "He who departs from evil, will be considered a fool." (Sanhedrin 97a).