Monday, April 27, 2009

The Reason for Moshiach's Delay

The Ohr Hachama, (the commentary of R’ Avraham Azulai, z”l, on the Zohar):

[…]so to it will be with Moshiach, after he merits to the Neshoma (soul) of Moshiach, and recognizes himself that he is Moshiach; he still won't be recognized by the rest of the people[…]
(Shemos 7b, quoting R’ Chayim Vital, z”l)

Only later will he be revealed to the people as Moshiach—what is referred to as, the “coming of Moshiach”.
The reason for this “delay” (is found in the Ohr Hachama on Shemos 9a, where it states) that: "Moshiach can’t redeem Israel from below…only from Above…"

Meaning to say: There needs to be an awakening from below, by the people, in order to awaken the rachamim from Above. Even if the physical Moshiach wants to redeem [them] earlier.”