Friday, May 1, 2009

The Humility of a Jewish King

There is a Halachah regarding Shemonah Esrei:
An average person has to bow down at five different places.
A Kohen Godel has to bow down at the beginning and end of each Brachah, a total of 39 times.
But a Jewish King has to stay bowed, the whole Shemonah Esrei.

Because, the higher the position, the more Buttle one has to be. Since through Bittul, one is then able to absorb the greater Kedushah that is accessible as one gets closer to Hashem.

Bittle means, that the physical desires, needs and ego of the body, are nullified and totally in synch with the will of Hashem.
The average person’s body is not Buttle to ones soul. His body is like a door, which blocks the the Nesahmah; whereas a Tzaddik’s body is like a window, that reveals G-dliness.

This can be compared to clear water, that is poured into a green glass, a red glass, an orange glass, etc.
Although the water is colorless, the glass distorts the color of the water; and the outside observer only sees the color of the glass.

So too, each person has their own ego that distorts the pure Torah that he absorbs.
We also see this regarding Moshe, whom the Torah states explicitly, “Moshe was the humblest (most Bittle) person on the face of the earth”. In the case of Moshiach, it is even more so.

Moshiach is really the ultimate public servant, as his whole essence is only to help the world reach its ultimate fulfillment. His will, and Hashem’s will, are the same, he has no other will.

So we see that Moshiach is totally Buttel to Hashem, which also means, that his body is totally one with Hashem. Because of this, when we connect to him, we are automatically connected to Hashem.

This is what is meant when it says in Tanya and other places, that “Hashem spoke through the throat of Moshe.” It is as though Moshe was not there, and his voice was only a microphone.

In the Sefer Samach-Vav, by the Rebbe Rashab, it is explained that, Moshe’s was born after six moths of pregnancy, whereas Eliyahu HaNavi was born after twelve months.

The difference being, that since Moshe’s Neshamah was so high his body became Buttle BeMalah, automatically, to it.
Because of this, his body did not need to be developed any further than six months.

But Eliyahu Hanavi’s Neshamah was not as high; therefore his body needed twelve months of refinement in order to be able to contain his Neshamah.

In the end, since the body of Eliyahu was lower, his Avodah was that he had to continually work on it, as a result, his body became so refined, that it was able to go up to Shamayim.

Moshiach will be a combination of both, a high Neshamah, and a totally refined body.
This is also why specifically Eliyahu is the one, who precedes Moshiach’s arrival, and tells the world that he is about to come. Because, he elevated his physical body, and Moshiach’s job it to elevate the physical world.

This may be why Chassidus speaks so frequently about Bittle, because in our generation this is so important, in order to reveal Moshiach and to bring the Geulah.

In addition to this, since Moshiach is a Nashamah Klalai, a general soul, therefore he includes all the souls of the generation.

So when Jews refine themselves, they also effect the body of Moshiach.