Monday, April 27, 2009

Many Signs of Moshiach in the World.

As we look at the world we need to open our eyes and sensitize ourselves to what is really occurring. In order to do this we need to step back and get a wider perspective of history. We need to look at history through Jewish eyes.
If we start from the beginning we can get a sense of where we are now:

In the beginning there was only Hashem. Physicality didn’t exist. There was no time, no space, no past, no future. Then Hashem “wanted” to create an existence that He could do good for, (on higher plane there is no reason why Hashem created the world.). Hashem then created a creation with the Earth at its center, since it was the purpose of the creation.

Hashem's ultimate purpose for the creation was that after going through a process it would reach perfection. The perfection would be achieved thorough Moshiach. With this as Hashem's ultimate goal He only created things that would be necessary to reach His ultimate goal. Every detail had to 100% fit in with Hashems goal.

This means to say that every person, animal, plant, rock, molecule, atom, electron, etc. all are here for only one purpose- Moshiach!

Not only this, every event that has occurred in history has had only one purpose, to prepare the world for Moshiach’s arrival.

There are a number of changes that will take place when Moshiach is revealed. If we look at history, we can see how the entire world has been changing in accordance with its final goal:

1. When Moshiach is revealed all of mankind will be unified.
Originally the ability of a Torah Jew to effect the world was very limited, there were very few people in the world and they were separated by vast distances. Travel was very limited. It consisted of walking, or if you had the money riding in a carriage.

For longer distances a boat was required. This was apart from the great danger involved because of thieves. Also the weather would was a major factor. In some places it would be impossible to travel in winter. Needless to say travel from just one city to another took weeks. How many people could someone effect?

Just staying alive preoccupied the time of most people. You would work all day and come back with a piece of bread. Disease was rampant. If you got sick it wasn’t a matter of just waking pill, you were bedridden until you hopefully got better.
Also at that time the world was very coarse.

Even if you met a non-Jew you avoided speaking about Yiddishkite at all costs. It was actually a matter of life and the opposite, G-d Forbid. As a result, Jews did Mitzvahs and learned Torah while the outside world remained just that, outside.

Then as time went on, the world started preparing for the Geula. Hashem wanted people to learn to live together. As a result the industrial revolution took place.

Transportation steadily improved: automobiles, trains, later airplanes and then Jets. People started moving from small farms and villages to larger and larger cites. This has reached to such an extent in our time that cites have millions of inhabitants. Everyone has to learn to live together whether they like or not.

In our times a Jew meets hundreds of people daily.

The world now is constantly being effected by Torah Jews. People now travel to America from Europe in a few hours to come to Crown Heights, and some actually return two days later! There are now planes on the drawing board that will reduce the time of plane travel to Europe to a couple of hours. Someone could literally live in America and go to work in Europe every day!

Also in our times someone can write one book and forever change millions of peoples lives.

2. There is Posuk in Yeshia that that says that there will be a final purification process before Moshiach comes. The Rebbe explains, that the once hidden bad in people will be brought to the surface so that it can be removed.

In the fifties once a president was elected to office every American supported him, and his lackings were overlooked, after all he represented America.

Then in the seventies because of Television etc. an adversarial relationship was developed by the media. Anyone who was in the public eye was under constant observation. Any mistake he made was immediately front page news.

Many people decided not to run for office because of something they had done years earlier. Eventually it didn’t even have to be a major thing. Hiring a maid and not paying her social security was grounds for removal!

3. In previous generations everyone cared only for themselves. Nationalism was a major force. Now people are concerned about the welfare of third world countries.

4. When Moshiach is revealed the main occupation of Jews will be the study of Torah. We can see a steady progression in the tools that facilitate Torah learning throughout history: Originally Torah learning was oral. Then came handwritten parchments, printing press, offset printing, CD Rom-computers, tapes, and videos.

5. In our generation we have more free-time to learn Torah than in any past generation. We work approximately forty-hour weeks as opposed to the eighty-hour weeks of previous generations.

This includes the free-time we misuse now by reading newspapers and magazines, watching TV and videos, speaking devarim batalim, etc.

6. All philosophies and social experiments have been proven false: communism, fascism, hedonism, nationalism, totalitarianism, power, etc. Now that people realize that nothing works, the truth of Torah shines through.

7. All Jews will go to Israel. Nowadays with jet travel this can take a matter of days.

8. Communication has steadily increased throughout history: The pony express, telegraph, telephone, fax, cellular phone, satellite. This will facilitate Moshiach who will be able to address the entire world through natural means with the use of TV. In previous generations news took literally months to spread.

9. The information revolution will facilitate the learning of Torah for the entire world, since even non-Jews will learn parts relevant to them. Through the internet etc. millions of people will have thousands of volumes of information at their finger tips instantly.

It used to take companies years in the 1800’s to come out with new products. In the 1900’s this decreased to a few years. The speed of new developments has increased dramatically in just the last ten years and continues to do so.

It has reached the point now in the computer industry that if a product doesn’t go from drawing board to finished product in six months it will be obsolete. It is a race to the end at break neck speed!

10. There is now enough wealth and resources in the world to feed every person, we just have to want to share it.

11. The world is becoming more unified and interdependent. The economies of each country are totally interconnected, isolationism can no longer work. What is good for one country is good for all countries. All of Europe is in the process of uniting by 1999. American and Mexico are uniting, with Canada probably following.

12. Billion dollar corporations are merging at a tremendous pace.

13. Since Israel is about to become the Israel that everyone is waiting for, interest in Israel has increased in our times to unprecedented levels. Fifteen hundred Reporters were in Israel to cover the elections. Anything that happens in Israel becomes world news. By contrast Russia which was once a world power had no where near the news coverage for its elections.

14. Since Jews are the main factor in the Geula, interest in Jews has picked up in general. The missionaries have recently increased their efforts to get Jews.

15. Rambam states that the nations of the world will realize that their forefathers lied to them and that they have a false religion. They will then realize that Judaism is the true religion.
In the last two years non-Jews have written at least five books showing that their religion is not 100%.

16. Science has realized that there is a basic unity in the universe. That the Earth can be the center of the universe as Torah says. That free-will effects the universe, as Chassidus states.

That the computer codes in the Torah, are practically speaking impossible to have happened by chance. That they may never completely understand the universe, and there seems to be an infinite number of subatomic particles.

17. There is no leadership in the world- Jewish and non-Jewish. As it is written that in our times leaders will really be followers. They will follow the whims of the public instead of sticking to principles.

People will soon realize that the problems we have cannot be solved. The world is out of control. There is only one person who can save it- Moshiach.

18. A non-Jewish physicist writes a book that proves that resurrection is possible based on physics. It is published by a major publisher, and advertised in a full page ad in the New York Times. A Russian scientist says there must be a Creator.

19. There are more multiple births now that ever before. In accordance with is stated in the Gemorah, that Moshiach will come when the “Guf” above is empty of souls.

20. There are non-Jews that are promoting a Goodness campaign.

21. The world is starting to realize that if you want healthy children, marriage, happiness, etc. you have to follow Torah, and do Hashem’s will. They are realizing that TV, Public schools with boys and girls together, making money just for the sake of money, etc., are self-destructive. Life without Hashem is no life.

There is only one answer- Moshiach now!