Monday, April 27, 2009

Kabbalist: A Drastic Change in the World

HaRav HaMekubal Avraham Aba Zochovisky Shlita said: Life Will Never be the Same.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Something gigantic is going to happen, bigger than the imagination; it will rotate our lives in this land, like a cement mixer churning the cement...This is the end.

A new world will be established, with totally new laws... Whoever will not prepare himself, will not be able to exist in it.

The fire, wind, water, and earth, are all partners in this purification and cleansing process of the world. Because Evil has imbedded itself, not only in mankind, but also to all of nature; in the earth, and all that is found on it.

The time has come, that the Creator wants to see His world, pure and holy, as it was originally created.
When the world economy is strong, the pride of man rises, and the Evil strengthens in the world. When the economy declines, and when there is lack of confidence; then pride is broken, and people become more submissive and compassionate.

When there is no economic confidence, people are better able to remember the Creator, and are submissive before Him. They understand, that the power of man is small and weak, and that the Creator rules the world.

Anyone who walks the path of mercy and charity; of giving, with no intent to receive; of assistance with all the heart, to those in need; will not be financially lacking.

It is imperative on every Jew, to help his brother in need, for the crises are not easy; and by acting accordingly, we will bring forth the mercy and compassion, from above.
The Creator is allowing us to understand, who actually rules us.
Since the time of the rule of human logic, has ended: confusion and lack of knowledge, of how to solve problems, will continue.

It will not matter who is Prime Minister, it will be difficult to lead, and to solve all the difficult problems of the state.