Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Unity, of Perfection and Imperfection

(Based on a talk by the Lubavitcher Rebbe)

G-d desires two types of human beings and service in His world, the Tzaddik and the average person.

Just as in physical foods, for example, there exist two types of delicacies: there are naturally sweet and luscious foods (which represents the Tzadik).

And then there are sharp or sour foods (which represents the average person), which have to be spiced and garnished (the struggle) in order to made palatable.

So, too, there are two kinds of gratification before G-d: one, from the complete annihilation of evil ... by the Tzadik; the second, through the efforts of the average man, when evil is subdued, while it is still at its strongest and most powerful.
The paradox of our existence is: perfection comes from the imperfection, of both the world and the human being. For nothing can be said to be truly perfect, unless it possesses the potential for struggle.

Which means, that imperfection spurs one on, to achieve the previously unattainable perfection.
Imperfection, gives birth to perfection; when ones lacking is utilized, to achieve the growth, which is achieved through the struggle.
The whole of history, is the painful progression, towards the resolution of the paradox of good vs. evil.

Finally in the age of Moshiach, as a result of the struggle of the human condition: we will transcend the innate lackings, that are part of the creation; and we will unite, with the perfection of G-d.

After all, imperfection, is not an imperfection.