Sunday, April 26, 2009

Advantage of Having a Rebbe

1. Hashem created the world in a manner, that the entire creation is one body; and every part of the creation, wants to rise to a higher leveI, in order to get closer to the Creator.

Because, being close to the Creator, is the creations ultimate satisfaction; and it is the fulfillment of its purpose for being created in the first place.

Through being connected to Hashem, the creation becomes infinite, transcending its limited being, and becoming part of the vast consciousness of the Creator.
There are four levels in the creation- inanimate, plant, animal, and man.

The earth (inanimate) wants to be elevated, through giving life to plants.

Inmate objects are elevated, through being used by people, and used by a Jew to do a mitzvah.

Plants want to be eaten by animals; and even more so, by people.

Animals want to be used by man in his service to G-d, or to be eaten with a holy intention.

Which is why it is written, that animals ran to be brought as a sacrifice in the Temple. And people want to connect to G-d, through prayer, Torah, good deeds, Mitzvoth, etc.
But in order to reach the ultimate level in G-d, the entire creation must attach itself to Moshiach.

Because, even though each level of the creation can be elevated through being connected to the level that is above it, etc, but since the level above it is limited, so too its elevation is limited.

The only way that it can reach the ultimate level, the unlimited elevation that it desires, is through being connected to something that is itself unlimited- Moshiach!

This is why Moshiach is not coming to limit people, or to compete with them; on the contrary, he is coming to elevate the entire creation, to fulfill the purpose that it was originally created for- to become G-dly.

2. A non-religious person could say, “I have a direct connection to Hashem, why do I need to do Torah and Mitzvahs. I feel G-d in my heart, and I have my own relationship with G-d.”

But Hashem created the world in a manner, that the only way to connect with Him, is through the means that He created –being Torah and Mitzvahs.

A person who tries to connect with Hashem on his own terms, will have a very limited connection to Hashem, since he himself is limited.

Since Hashem put Himself into the Torah and in Mitzvahs, a person, through doing Torah and Mitzvahs, will then connect with Hashem Himself.

One cannot connect with Hashem on their own, they need the intermediary of Torah and Mitzvahs. Of course, Hashem is the One Who determines the intermediary, and not man.
A religious person could ask: “I do Torah and Mitzvahs, why do I need a Rebbe?” First of all, there is a Mitzvah, (when the Beis HaMikdosh existed), that every Jew was obligated to go to the Beis HaMikdosh three times a year.

This took a few weeks traveling by foot to arrive, they stayed for a few weeks, and it took a few weeks to return. During this time a person could think, that he is losing out on so much Torah, that he could have learned, or all the Mitzvahs that he could have done.

Nevertheless we see, that doing Torah and Mitzvahs is not enough, a person needed the intermediary of the Beis HaMikdosh.

One had to go to the Beis HaMikdosh in order to connect with a higher level of Hashem. It was infinitely higher than what they could do on their own, through only learning Torah and doing Mitzvahs. In the Beis HaMikdosh a higher level of Kedusha was reached, than one could reach on their own.

Similarly, one has to stop learning and working three times a day, in order to pray to G-d. This is not a waste of time, G-d forbid, but rather, it is the best use of time; for it gives us an opportunity three times a day, to connect with the infinite Creator.

The goal of Torah, is not just to increase in knowledge, or to do Mitzvahs in order to go to Olam Haba, rather the goal is to connect with Hashem on the highest level possible.

3. Similarly, a Jew needs the intermediary of praying in a Shul (a holy place) in order for his Tefilos, (prayers), to reach a higher level. Even though G-d is everywhere, he has to face Jerusalem; since it is the intermediary, through which his prayers will ascend.

He needs Tefillin, a Sukkah, Mezuzahs, Tzitzis, Kosher food, etc., in order to connect with Hashem.

Similarly, Jews go to Israel (the holy land), in order to connect with Hashem. And even there, they go to Jerusalem. And even in Jerusalem that is not enough, they have to go the Kossel (the Western Wall), in order to connect in the deepest way possible. This is something they could never do, by staying in their own cities.

4. In the generation of Moses, Moses was the one who took the Jews to a much higher level, than they could have reached on their own.

Through forcing pharaoh to let the Jews go, and then taking them to Mount Sinai to receive the Torah, and then by going on top of Mount Sinai and getting the Torah. So too, every Tzadik, in every generation, elevates the generation to infinitely higher level, than they could achieve on their own.

So too Mordechai in his generation, raised the Jews to such a high level, that Purim is a holiday forever!

Every generation has to have a Tzadik Hador (Tzadik of the generation), because otherwise, they would not be able to connect with Hashem’s essence, which is totally beyond anything else, that they could every achieve in any other manner.

5. Since the Jewish nation, on a soul level, is one body; the Tzadik, is the head of the body. And this is why, all the souls of the generation, are included in the Tzadik of the generation. Similarly, a family is in a sense, one body, because they are all connected on a soul level.

A son can live a totally different life than his parents, dress different, think different, and live far away, but he is always their son, and they are always his parents. There is soul connection between them, that can never be broken. As a result of the soul connection, there will always be an inner bond between them.

So too the Jewish people, are connected by an inner bond.
Because a Tzadik is the head of the body, he is closer to Hashem, and therefore he can pray for the other parts of the body; and bring blessings to people who, would not have received the blessings otherwise. They will see miracles in their lives.

In our generation, it is the Lubavitcher Rebbe.