Monday, April 27, 2009

The Chosen Jewish People?

The nations of the world have never understood the Jewish people, and Jews themselves have not understood themselves.

This misunderstanding is based on two opposing mind sets and values. The definition of the word “Chosen” is a prime example of assumptions, based on ones background and perspective.

In Torah, to be “chosen” is totally opposite, of what the nations of the world would define as chosen. Since the world’s values are based on a physical value system, to be chosen would have a superior connotation;

But Torah is based on higher values than this, more spiritual; therefore, the definition of chosen is totally different, as physical is different from spiritual.
G-d created the entire creation, and wants the entire creation to achieve the greatest reward it could have. Not money, power, wealth, success, rulership; but rather, to come as close to Him as possible, to become infinite.

The Jews were created to carryout G-d’s plan. But in order to be able to achieve this, they must have certain abilities.

To be ego oriented, and self-serving, they would be limited to their own abilities; but rather, by being Bittel, humble, and selfless, they then would be a fitting vessel, to transmit an infinite light, into a finite world.

They would be windows, instead of doors.

In other words, chosen in G-dly terms means: being chosen to serve (G-d).

I don’t know if other nations of the world, would volunteer to be waiters and waitresses, it doesn’t seem to be too glorious of a job;

but if ones goal is to be close to G-d, then serving is the highest value that one can have, because that allows one to be a vessel for G-dliness.

In a similar vein, the ultimate Jew is called King Moshiach. Now again, if ones value system is physical, then one would assume, that King Moshiach is like all the other kings of history, which means, that he is in charge and everyone else follows.

But based on what was explained before, King Moshiach is in essence, the greatest public servant. He is not going to belittled anyone, on the contrary, he is going to help each individual, and the entire creation, to reach the highest level it could ever reach- becoming one with the Creator!
It says in the Torah, that “Moses was the humblest person on the face of the earth.” This is not just a compliment, it is the very reason why he was able to go up Mount Sinai to receive the holy Torah.

So too Moshiach, His humility will be so great, that he will reveal a Torah, that will make Mose’s Torah look empty in comparison; since it will come from the essence of G-d;
yet he will teach it to everyone; from the greatest Tzadik, to the simplest person.

It is written in the Gemmorah Sukka, that if the nations of the world would have realized, that the Beis Hamikdosh (The Temple) brought physical bounty to the entire word, they would have put armies around it to protect it.

So too now, if the nations of the world would realize, that in order to avoid a total meltdown in the creation, they need to help the Jews in achieving their purpose for being created, they would volunteer to do whatever was necessary to help fulfill the Jews mission in the world, so that King Moshiach can fulfill his G-dly mission.

The world now is like a radio, that has become disconnected from the outlet. It has no life. So too, the creation has become disconnected from its source - G-d, and it is slowly losing its life. The way to plug it back in, is through Torah; and Chassidus, which is the deeper level in Torah.

The world, through free-choice, must choose to allow G-d to reveal Himself. Then the world can fulfill its reason, for being created in the first place- to become a Utopia, a perfect world.

Story from a Rabbi:

There is a gentile cleric, who frequently brings his class to Lubavitch House, to hear and learn about Judaism.
He told me, that he previously had taken his class to one of the local synagogues, a non-Orthodox synagogue, and they talked about the chosen people.

The Rabbi there explained, that he doesn't believe in this idea of chosenness; he rejects the concept, and therefore the whole thing is irrelevant to him.
The Minister said, that he talked to the students about it on the way home, and the students said, that they didn't believe that Rabbi.

In other words, they know that the Jews are the chosen people, since it says so in the Bible; and they didn't believe, that the Rabbi was unaware, or did not believe, that he was chosen.

They found it very disturbing and disappointing, and they decided not to go back there.