Monday, April 27, 2009

World Unity

Each person has their unique qualities that make them an individual, and adds to the completion of the entire nation; so too each nation has its unique character that defines it. In a nation there are doctors, lawyers, policeman, teachers, accountants, scientists, politicians, etc.

Each profession requires many different types of skills and abilities. In most cases a great scientist cannot be a great artist. Similarly, a great artist cannot become a great scientist.

Rather, each one compliments the other. This makes for a great nation; a whole, that is greater than the sum of its parts. So too each nation, complements the other nations, and make one complete world.

But just as a person has negative qualities, that hold him back from attaining his full potential, so too nations or political systems have lackings, that hold them back from actualizing their full potentials.

A Work of Art
A person has to overlook some of his desires, in order to bring out his soul powers. This is called maturity. One must be able to transcend this limitation in order to unite with other peoples and nations. In this way, the talents and abilities of each individual can be utilized by all. They can form one world, one body.

In addition, people are attracted to someone, that they see has a purpose and direction, and knows what he wants.

A painting is beautiful, when all the different colors and textures of the painting blend together. Like a puzzle, it is the integration and networking of all the individual pieces that from a beautiful picture.

So too, all the differences of each nation are necessary in order to form a beautiful world.

It takes a minimum amount of energy in order to release the tremendous energy hidden in an atom. The energy released is much greater than normal sources of energy like oil. It is qualitatively much more powerful.

But there must be a minimal input of energy, before the greater energy can be revealed, released, and utilized. So too, each person must exert himself to a certain extent, so that this energy will then combine and reveal the energies of all people. This then will reveal a different dimension of energy that the world has yet to utilize – Moshiach.

Scientists have recently networked hundreds of computers, in order to solve a problem that would have otherwise taken many years. Each computer on its own is, comparatively speaking, very weak, but when they are all integrated, and the power shared, they become a super-computer.

This unity can help mankind make great leaps forward. So too, individuals have a certain amount of abilities and power, but when they network, they become not only a great nation, not only a great world, but a super-power.
Unity occurs when people realize, that they share common roots, being that they come from the same source. Even though they may lead divergent lives, they still realize that underneath it all they are still connected.

This realization leads to understanding and a desire to help other people, because they realize that it is in their own best interests to achieve this.

Differences don’t have to lead to division or conflict. On the contrary, they can lead to a synthesis. This unity can then reach higher and higher levels in the unity of mankind, and the unity of the creation.

As a practical result, when one sees a lacking in his fellow man, he will not look down on him as inferior, or defective; rather, he will immediately try to find a way to help him. We will look for things that unite us, and not that divide us.

The true meaning of charity is, that we provide the person with whatever they may need, in order to make the chain of humanity stronger. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If one person is not connected to the chain, or lacking in anyway, the entire chain suffers.

Although most of the chain may be made out of steel, if one link is made out of copper, then it is considered a weak chain. The same is true of the world; if the majority of people are complete and balanced, but one person is not, then all people suffer
There are ample resources hidden in the Earth to provide for all mankind. But if men are selfish and ego oriented, they will try to keep as much as they can for themselves. Whereas, if they share, then the allocation of resources will provide everyone with enough for all their needs, and all of mankind will benefit.

Once everyone realizes that there is enough for everyone, and through unity each link in the chain becomes stronger, there will be no more need or desire for wars. This will also prepare the world for the revelation of Moshiach, who will bring about the true unity, being an eternal one.

This unity will have such a powerful affect, that even animals will lose their ferocious nature, and the lamb will lie with the lion.

This unity has to start in the home, between husband and wife, and parents and children. This includes the person’s own being. He has to make peace between his body and his soul.
Husband and wife have to see each other, as part of one soul.

They are family, they have to help each other, and share life together. Children have to be taught to respect their parents, and that their parents are trying to do the best they can for them.
The parents have to show love to their children, and make them feel wanted. There has to be communication between the parents and the children. There has to be the teaching of values.

A child should listen to what their parents say to them, not out of fear, but rather out of love. Because there is a relationship between them and their parents. If there is love, then they will willingly want to follow their parents advice and guidance. Since they know that they care about them, and want what’s best for them.

Peace in the home, will lead to peace in the community, which will lead to peace in the state, which will lead to peace in the country, which will lead to peace amongst countries, which will lead to peace in the world, which will lead to a perfect world.

This will lead to a feeling of contentment and well being, which is the result of feeling a sense of purpose, and need. Each person will feel, that they were created for a special purpose; and is an indispensable part of creation, that it cannot do without.

This will promote a force for good, which is cumulative in a geometrical manner. This will constantly raise the community of man to a higher and closer dimension, which will inspire acts of goodness as a natural way of life. People will be happy on a regular basis, because their lives will improve from day to day.
The human body, as the world in microcosm, consisting of many limbs and organs. Each has its own unique structure, function, and purpose. But there has to be an innate unity in order for them not to exist as independent entities, but rather as part of the whole. The bodies ability to function, and its very health, depends on this innate unity.

Similarly, the human race has many different types of people and talents, but in order for the creation to unite and survive, they must all work to together in perfect harmony. This can only be achieved through an entity that can unite all the differences, that transcends the superficial differences, and reveals the hidden unity. Each part will then be seen as a resource, and not as competition.

Common principles, unite people with differences. There then will be interdependence. The whole will be greater, than the sum of its parts. Every addition adds to the whole, and enriches it cumulatively and exponentially. An example is

America, through the addition of people of diverse backgrounds, America continually became stronger; until it became the leader of the world.

No matter how much we can develop ourselves as individuals, we cannot realize our full potentials without the help of other. Our counterpart who makes us whole, is contained in another being.

In order for there to be unity, there has to be compromise of the individual good, for the betterment of the whole. Yet also an acknowledgment of the needs of the minority, as long as it doesn’t detrimentally affect the majority. A synergy, a delicate blending of the strengths of each individual and group.

In some cases sacrifices must be made. A totally individualistic society, is an imbalance and will cause chaos. There must be a fine line drawn, where the boundary of the positive and unifying “will” of the group begins, and where the negative, selfish quality ends. A balance between giving and taking, has to be reached.

A limb cannot take all the energy of the body, or it will detrimentally affect the rest of the body. It has to take just what it needs to function at full capacity, and yet not interfere with the rest of the flow of energy to the body. In this way, the free flow of energy will strengthen the entire body, and help it to thrive.

The world has enough resources for all, but the allocation of resources he left up to man. By taping into the potential energy of unity, the entire world will benefit, and reach goals that it could never imagine on its own.
We have seen a “natural” progression of governments. Originally there were Czars, kings, and dictators, that benefited only a few people.

But now, in our times, even China is moving towards a more open society for the benefit of all. This can be continued and increased by realizing, that by taping into the deeper energies that we all have.

Everyone has the right to exist, even if one has seemingly no benefit to add to the whole. Our value is not based our ability to produce, but rather that we are human. By virtue of the fact that we exist, signifies that we have a purpose for being here.

Those groups that have more money, power, or are more vocal, cannot have any more say, than the reserved, weak members of the group. Those people that have been granted success, should show appreciation by sharing it with others. This is called charity.

Power and money are a responsibility that should be used in the proper manner. A person who has money, has been lent the money to be used in a proper manner. If he misuses his gift, then someone else more appropriate for the job will be found.
When there is unity, there is a cross fertilization of ideas, that inspires everyone to see things in a broader perspective. There are many different approaches, to solve the same problem. Unity is the catalyst that sets the hidden potential of mankind into motion; and releases it, so that it can be utilized to man’s benefit.

It is not an “all or nothing” situation. Some suggestions may be accepted by the whole, whereas other aspects will not be. It has to be this way since there has to be give and take, and a realization that all people have something to add in some respect.

They must compliment each other. There must be room made, so that each person can add to the whole. This will result in a symbiotic relationship.

There has to be a “zipper” affect. In order for a zipper to work,
the teeth on one side have to be spaced in such a way, that they leave an opening for the teeth on the other side, to match up with them perfectly.

As a result, they can unite, and form a strong bond between them. Each person has to make room for another person’s ideas and perspectives. And especially, their sensitivities and needs.

Each person has pluses and minuses, but when people unite, the pluses and minuses then become a bonding force, instead of a repelling force. They become a force of good and permanency. A

higher consciousness has to be reached, that transcends differences and sees similarities. One that transcends ego, and blends in humility. That acknowledges a higher force, and transcends the animal nature.

That adds understanding, instead of mistrust, intimidation and competition. Harmony and not conflict. A force that reveals and unites the best in everyone. Truth and justice, must be the guiding lights and fabric of our existence.

This will enable us to go beyond the detrimental, limiting aspects of the human condition, and mature to the positive infinite aspects. The elevating, but not the demeaning, aspects. Not competition rather sharing. Not war, but peace. There has to be an equitable distribution resources, through which all mankind benefits.

We are all in the same boat. If one person drills a hole under his seat, then the entire boat will sink. This is one creation, and we are responsible for our portion of it. We must make sure that we don’t sink the boat.

Man has been entrusted to develop the creation, to civilize it, and not to destroy it. He has been given the tools and the potential. He just has to utilize his free-choice, to choose to do good, and not the opposite.
The world is becoming a small world, because it is a small world. Only now in our times, has this becoming evident for all to see. Isolationism is a thing of the past, globalization is now a must. We now have multinational corporations that span the globe. And if a company does not have a branch in another country, then it will not be successful.

Communication, telephones, instant Email, faxes, airplanes, teleconferencing, and cell phones, have brought us together in ways that no one could have imagined fifty short years ago. And the world is racing in this direction daily. This is an environment that breeds positive change.

Global economics are so intertwined, that what happens in America affects Japan thousands of miles away. One county has oil, and another wheat, and still another rice, etc.

The countries of the world could meet and discus which resources each country has. And then each country could be given the job to produce that product for the world. Instead of competition, there will be cooperation. There would be a division of labor and abilities. There would be a realization, that each country has to be successful, in order for all countries to be successful.

Each different person unites with the other. This applies no matter how different they are, because specifically because of their differences, are they able to unite. The very fact that people are not only different, but also not perfect, makes it possible for there to be unity. Imperfection, is not an imperfection.

If we were all the same, we wouldn’t need each other. Each one adds to the other, and builds on the other. There is something to be gained or learned from every person. As a result of this unity, we can transcend the limits of the finite world.
Rich and Poor

The rich person does more for the poor person when he gives him charity, than the poor person does for the rich person. What possibly can the poor person do for the rich person? It seems that it is a one way street. The rich person is giving, and the poor person is taking.

But what the rich person is gaining transcends physicality. He is gaining in character. He is transcending his limited physical being, and growing as a person. The affect of this ripples across the universe. The money he has, will eventually be left behind; but the charity that he gives, is forever.

Who is great, he who realizes the greatness of others. Alone a person is only an island, but with others he is an universe. We not only have to put up with differences, or deal with differences, or overlook differences, but we have to thrive on differences.

A perfect world, is one, in which people are judged by their character and actions, and not by their wealth, beauty, positions, political status, intelligence, success, etc.
Survival of the fittest only applies to the animal kingdom. Man cannot rule over man. G-d rules (guides) over man.

Just because someone is more intelligent, handsome, has more money, more power, doesn’t make him better. It just means, that he has a different purpose. All people have innate value, by virtue of the fact, that they exist, and therefore have intrinsic value. This is not based on their ability to produce something.

There is no super-race. If one country is more successful than another, it doesn’t mean that they are better, it just means that they have more blessings. And therefore, they have a obligation, to share this with others.

A system of government without unity as its basis, is doomed to failure. As we saw recently regarding the fall of the USSR. It had no permanence, since it was not connected with permanence to begin with.

Russia was a super-power, feared by everyone in the world, but within seventy short years, it fell to the level of almost a third world country. What caused such a rapid fall, from one extreme to the other?

The reason is, that Russia tried to destroy individual input and networking. Which a country cannot exist without, and will fail at some point. It is like a car that has one tank of gas. It is inevitable that it will eventually stop in its tracks. The car can be very large and powerful, but its energy is limited.
Whenever a person receives a favor or gift he should appreciate it, and also say thank- you. This is a sign of maturity. We see that many countries have natural resources but their people are starving and suffering. While in America there is much less poverty and suffering.

This is because America’s values are more in synch with Torah values. Being sharing, giving, no prejudice, and freedom. This has created a fitting vessel. This has led to success to such an extent, that the entire world wants to emulate the American success story. Including Russia, and of late China.

Money and materialism are the real threats to society. It is the selfish desire to take and not to give, that is the real danger to humanity. Therefore, by placing this statement precisely on the monetary unit of the country, which in turn represents its power, it would guide its citizens in the proper direction to be a successful entity. And not to implode, because of greed and selfishness.
A man of a thousand years ago, would find the world of one hundred years ago different, but he would find many things that were the same. Whereas, if he would find himself here today, he would be shocked to find that everything is different.

The world today is beyond his wildest imagination. Space ships, phones, super computers, cars, trains, planes that fly non-stop to far away places, space travel, medicines, communication between nations, sprawling cites, skyscrapers, etc.

We are witnessing the steady perfection of civilization. No more plagues, less wars, a realization that war is not the way to solve disputes; that a country that is a world power is one that helps the world, and does not conquer it;

curing of thousands of diseases, unification of many countries, cooperation of many countries, freedom, huge sums of money given in foreign aid, a sharing of information and discoveries between nations, inter-dependence of the world, concern for welfare of all mankind, open-mindedness, a respect of different cultures, life span of mankind increasing yearly, a respect for the old and the underprivileged,

dictators being replaced, human rights is a world issue, fairness and honesty are goals, cooperation in space exploration, food production greatly increasing, the breaking of the iron curtain, nations “beating their sword into plowshares”, transforming weapons into tools of peace to help society, etc., etc..

Nations of billions of people are changing to less oppressive governments, without bloodshed. Including billions of people, in India, China, and the former USSR.

In all past generations, when even very small countries changed governments, there were revolutions lasting for years, before the change could finally become permanent. Now it happens rapidly, and only affects the political realm. This truly defies nature, and is an open miracle in our times.

All of these drastic and rapid changes reflect an undercurrent that is guiding these events.