Friday, May 1, 2009

The Quantum Jump of the Torah of Moshiach

Moshiach reveals a deeper level in Torah, that was never revealed before. It is totally beyond the level of Torah than we now have, since it comes from the essence of Hashem.

The Torah that Moshe Rebbenu brought down from Har Sinai, gave the Jews the ability to reveal Kedushah, holiness, into the coarse, limited, physical world.

In this way, Jews through doing Mitzvahs and learning Torah over the course of thousands of years, would transform a large portion of the world into holiness.

But Moshiach will do much more than reveal holiness; he will reveal a much deeper level in Torah, being the essence of Torah, which comes from the essence of Hashem.

Compared to the essence of Torah, the Torah of Moshe Rebbenu is Hevell, nothing. Because Kedushah is only a creation, and limited, just as all of creation is limited. Albeit it is a high level of the creation, but limited non-the-less.
In order for a person to be able to reveal the Ten commandments into this world, he has to have a Neshamah that can connect the infinite Torah, with the limited physical world. Moshe Rebbenu was such a person.

There are many types and levels of Tzadikim, but none was as high as Moshe. No one else could have brought the Torah down into the world.

In order to be an intermediate between two things, you need to have a part of both of the two things that you want to unite. Moshe had a physical body, and a very holy soul. As a result, he could unite the holy Torah, with this physical world.
Moshiach also has to be one with the essence of the Torah, since Hashem, Torah, and Jews are one. This is why Moshiach has to know Chassidus, since it is the essence of the Torah.

The Rebbe states in a number of places, that the Chassidus we have now is part of Moshiach’s Torah. Although, after Moshiach is revealed, we will be able to understand it on a much different level.

Tzadikim reach Nefesh, Ruach, Neshamah, and Chai, but only Moshiach reaches Yecidah (the highest level of the soul). A Tzaddik brings holiness into the world, whereas Moshiach brings Hashem into the world.
The reason why only Moshiach can reveal such a high Torah, is because in order for a body to be able to contain a Neshamah that is Atzmus, it has to be a very high body, other wise it will deteriorate, as soon as such a high revelation enters it.

The Zohar explains, that in previous generations, in order to have eternal life, the people of the generation would all have to die for a moment, and then come back to life with a new eternal body; because, a body that was formed from a limited physical body, cannot live forever.

Chassidus explains, that when something has to change dramatically the order is: Yesh, Ayin, Yesh; Something (the object), Nothing (it temporarily disappears), Something new (is created).

But, because in our generation, the physical body of Moshiach (who includes all the souls of the generation) has already been refined in an eternal way, there is now no need for this break in the middle, rather we can go directly into Chaim Netzchis (eternal life).