Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"In G-d We Trust"

There has been a lot of discussion about the concept of the separation of church and state. There is another issue, that unfortunately at first glance is confused with this one, but is totally different.

Separation of a denomi­national religion from government is very good. But the issue of taking G‑d out of our social system, is totally different.
Our very country was founded on the awareness of a G‑d given value system. This is where our whole system of justice, and right and wrong, comes from.

There was an awareness, that there is a higher being, that we are all answerable to, and values that are to be striven for. Even our money has "In G‑d We Trust", written on it.

What happens when this solid foundation is removed? Anarchy.

If our justice system doesn't have a set standard that everything else is judged by, then there is no jus­tice. Instead of humanity being elevated by the laws of the country, that keep mankind from falling prey to its own weakness, then the justice system is feeding and protecting those very faults.

If average people are allowed to decide the laws, then we will continually be pulled down by man's selfish desires.

There should be a separation of a specific church and state, but not G‑d and state. There is a big difference.
Just as an immature child, needs rules and guidelines, so that he will mature into a responsible adult, so, too, does society. This is not an infringement on his rights, this is the minimum we expect from every person.

By removing G‑dly values, we destroy ourselves from within.
If people do not realize what it means to be human, and that this is where true happiness and fulfillment lies, what is left?

Countries have tried to form a system without G‑d. As a result they have a G‑dless system, of terrorism and oppression.

The first amendment was never intended to be used ,to pander to human foibles, and destroy the moral fabric of society. The new morality, is only the old immorality.

There has to be a standard. We now see what happens when man alone tries to set it. Only G‑d who created the human spirit knows (just as a loving father) the value‑system, for which we all need to strive, and to which we must not fall victim.
Religion is a choice, G‑d is a necessity.