Monday, April 27, 2009

A Message from Daniel, an autistic boy

A message from Daniel, an autistic boy, 4 tishrei, 5769 (Oct. 2009):

“The world of decadent materialism is dying. The world financial system is crumbling.”

"At this moment, many people are very confused and still believe, that human efforts (the government, financial bodies, etc.) can prevent the collapse of the entire financial system of the world.
But all the efforts will not help, and soon money will be worthless, and the world will be facing a terrible calamity.

The "Golden Calf" (the culture of “Edom”, the decadent materialism of America and the other western countries) has been terribly wounded, and is on the verge of death.

Just as we said years ago, the banks are going to fall, and money will be worth no more, than tissue paper.

Some people think, they will be able to save themselves financially by buying gold, but you can't eat gold.
We are approaching a time, where there will not be what to live from, and the only source of livelihood, will be the only source we ever really had – the One who continuously supplies our needs, from the day we are born, until the day we die: Hakadosh Baruch Hu [G-d; literally: The Holy One, Blessed be He].

Only from Him (Psalms 145: "The eyes of all look to You with hope, and You give them their food in its proper time").
Our livelihood does not come from our jobs, nor does it come from social security or any other such source, only from Hashem [G-d; lit: the Name] (He "gives bread to every living thing", Psalms 136).

And as for food, Hashem will supply it for us, just as he did in the desert when we left Egypt, and we received the manna. (see Numbers 16).

People can store extra food in their homes now, but eventually, that too will run out.

At that stage, we will all be left with only one choice to make; either we completely put our trust in Hashem [G-d], or we don't.

If we don't, the end will be very bitter, because only those who trust Him completely, will be saved…
Hashem does not want to do this all at once [to take away the laws of nature, which hide his divine providence], without first preparing us for this, because most people would die from utter shock, G-d forbid.

When we have only the last drop of water, and the last crumb of food, along with our children, etc. – this is a most difficult nissayon (test of faith).

Hashem knows, that people are not capable of making such a great change all at once, to put their entire Bitachon [faith] in Him. Therefore, He is bringing us gradually into the days of Moshiach, into the Olam Haba.

This is the reason, Hashem is nullifying the Gashmius (material) step by step, until we will achieve complete and total faith in Him.

"And on that day, Hashem will stand alone, and the other gods will completely disappear" (Yeshayahu 2).

Hakadosh Baruch Hu is now preparing the whole world for the days of Moshiach, and that is why He is destroying the sheker (the falsehood of this world), step by step.

But now, this process has sped up.