Sunday, April 26, 2009

Moshiach's Coming is Inevitable

1. A Mashpia (Chassidic Mentor) once said that:
In previous generations, we had to convince Hashem to bring Moshiach; but in our generation He is trying to convince us!
There is an analogy told, about an elderly couple who were watching television, to see if their lotto ticket was a winner. The time finally arrived, and the winning numbers were being read.

As they listen they realized, that they had won! The husband immediately jumped out of his seat and unplugged the TV. His astonished wife asked him: “What are you doing?” He answered: “What's the matter with you, I don’t want anyone else to find out, that we won so much money!”

He thought, that by unplugging the TV, that the news would only come through on their television set, but no one else's TV would receive the information.

The same thing now, some people think, that they can pull the plug on what the Rebbe said, and stop everyone else from finding out, so that they won’t be embarrassed. But the Rebbe is only saying what Hashem has already decided. Our choice is only to get ready, and help the world to get ready. And not to run in the other direction.

Moshiach’s coming is inevitable; as the Rebbe has let us know, what is going on above; but there are two ways that Moshiach can come- from above- Hashem forces people to accept Moshiach, or below- people bring Moshiach. The difference is, that if Hashem does it, then it will be very hard.

The Gemmorah says, that Hashem brings a wicked king, that forces the Jews to do Teshuvah. The Midrash says, that Haman did more for the Jews, than Moshe and all the prophets!

This is because, Haman brought out such a high level of Teshuvah in the Jews, that Purim and Chanukah will be the only holidays that we will celebrate in the future world. Bin laden, may be the Haman of our generation.

If we do it from below, then the process that we have to go through before Moshiach becomes fully revealed, will be quicker and easier. That is our choice.

2. The goal is, that the world has to become a vessel, for the G-dly light that is coming into it.

Hashem wants us to realize, that He runs the world; we can realize this on our own, or He will prove it to us, through continued wars, storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

An infinite light, is trying to enter a finite world. As a result, the world is stretching, and at times breaking.
The earth, the oceans, the air, weather, nations, people, are all changing and in a turmoil.

The world has over time begun to align itself with Torah values and Halacha- which is G-d's will. But now it must come into total synch. The sooner this happens, the sooner the Geula can take place.

3. We can speed up the process, and make it easier, through saying Yechi, giving Tzedakah, Ahavas Yisroel, spreading the seven Mitzvahs, learning more Torah, learning about Moshiach and Geula, Hiddur Mitzvah, etc.

But now this all has to be done, with one Kavanna (intention) in mind- to bring the Geula! As the Rebbe said, Moshiach is the gateway through which everything will be elevated.

Similarly, it is not enough for a non-Jew to do the Seven Mitzvahs, because it makes sense to him; but rather, one has to do them because, they come from Moshe, from the Torah on Mount Sinai.

Because otherwise, the Seven Mitzvahs that they do, will not connect with Hashem. As a result, they will not acquire a place in the future world.

So too, Jews cannot connect and draw down Etzem into this world, by only doing Mitzvahs out of habit, or because they are nice customs, or just something that Jews do, or even to be holy;
but rather, because the Moshe of our generation- the Rebbe – said: that everything we do, has to be done with the intention, to bring the Geula.

This will draw down the Etzem of Hashem into everything that we do; so that Hashem will eventually reside here permanently- Geula!